IDPA Japan Design Award


Entertainment Space

Gold Silver 2022 Pionner Pioneer 2022 Pionner Exhibition Hall of YAMAHA Shanghai Flagship Store 2022 Pionner Marmot Club · Children’s Treasure Theater Park 2022 Silver Interior design of UME International Cineplex in Shanghai Xintiandi 2022 Pionner Interior design of UME Cinema in Shijiazhuang 2022 Pioneer Interior design of UME Cinema in Chongqing Longfor 2022 Pioneer …

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B&B Hotel Space / Homestay

2022 Pionner Platinum 2022 Pionner Landscape mystery, bamboo forest seclusion 2022 Platinum Huajiantang (Blossom Hill) Hotel: A Revival and Interpretation of Tradition in the south of Nanjing Old Town 2022 Pionner Shanxi Datong, Ancient Times Homestay

Club Space

Gold 2022 Pionner Platinum 2022 Gold West side international clubhouse – Hui·Earthly 2022 Pionner Hui·Earthly 2022 Platinum Shishido SPA

Villa Space

Gold Silver 2022 Pionner Platinum Top Agency 2022 Silver Huzhou · TianXi Villa 2022 Pionner Shanghai Zhonghai Yuelu Mountain villa 2022 Pionner Guanhu County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province 2022 Pionner Ming Yuan Villa 2022 Pionner JIANGNAN IMPRESSION·GUANGHAN 2022 Gold Light, Art house 2022 Pionner Humanity, Greenery, and Coexistence 2022 Pionner Zhonghai Qujiang Dacheng 2022 Pionner …

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Gold Silver 2022 Pionner Pioneer 2022 Silver 60㎡ urban apartment, enjoy the beauty of poetic life calmly 2022 Pionner Midea Real Estate – Pearl River Unit C1 2022 Silver Jinmao Yuncui Glory – Showroom 2022 Pionner Deconstruct space aesthetics, interpret the new definition of life 2022 Gold JINGSHUN Future center 2022 Silver GREENTOWN- The Osmanthus …

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Soft Decoration

Gold Silver 2022 Pionner Platinum 2022 Gold Hangzhou Suhehui 2022 Silver ‘Marine sky’ of Shanghai Concert Hall 2022 Pionner Chongqing Gold Coast residential 2022 Gold Yado Hotel, Gaokexi road, Shanghai 2022 Platinum Atour S Hotel, Lujiazui Expo Center, Shanghai 2022 Pionner PARK PLAZA 2022 Pionner ELONG HOTEL 2022 Pionner Banbianshan Guantang Hotel 2022 Pionner Yun …

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Commercial & Exhibition

Gold Silver 2022 Pionner Platinum Pioneer 2022 Silver JOYARROW 2022 Silver BERKER Exhibition Hall 2022 Pionner eserch r&d center 2022 Gold ASUS SUPER LAB 2022 Silver Troes 2022 Pionner SANS Environmental Science and Technology experience of office space 2022 Pionner TONI&GUY-Xi,an 2022 Platinum Mount Emei Jintao South China headquarters 2022 Pionner BMW CLUB 2022 Pionner …

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Residential Space

Gold Silver 2022 Pionner Platinum Pioneer 2022 Pionner Warm Winter Sun 2022 Silver Bright Time 2022 Pionner Photographer’s Home 2022 Silver Two Boys’ Home 2022 Pionner 50 ㎡ duplex apartment, out is prosperous, into is quiet 2022 Pionner Hunan Xinhua River & Garden House residential space design 2022 Silver Vivid calm 2022 Silver Zone B …

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