IDPA Japan Design Award


Soft Decoration

Gold Silver Pioneer 2023 o 2023 Silver China Construction • Chang’an Lufu Project Lower Sample Room 2023 Gold Wuhan villa 2023 Silver Simple Times • Spiritual Seclusion 2023 Pioneer China Railway Changchun Northeast Asia International Expo City Sales Office

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Model room

Gold Silver Pioneer 2023 2023 Pioneer RK Properties- Noble Mansion Beijing 2023 Gold Afternoon Mocha 2023 Pioneer pattern year & Longhu Spring Island creek bank stacked model room 2023 Silver TAIHU LAKE MANSION 2023 Pioneer Poly Tangim Model House 2023 Silver Agile Jiulu Yangshan B&B 2023 Pioneer TianJin Greentown Yun Park Upper Level Villa 2023

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Property Sales Space

Gold Silver Platinum Pioneer 2023 2023 Platinum OCT&LONGFOR Suzhou Qiyuan Future Exhibition Center Project 2023 Silver Song of life – Hangzhou Poly 2023 Gold Tao-Li Spring Breeze ▪ Song-style aesthetic life scroll 2023 Pioneer Yintai Xanadu Sales Office, Hangzhou, China 2023 Pioneer QINGDAO YUNGU JINMAO PALACE 2023 Pioneer Into the Heart 2023 Silver EMERALD LAKEVILLE

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Cultural & Office Space

Gold Silver Platinum Pioneer 2023 2023 Pioneer Office of Financial Holdings Limited of China Merchants Group 2023 Pioneer “Pulse beating”- Office Design of WEGYMER Headquarters 2023 Gold Gucheng Group Headquarters Office 2023 Silver Guiyang Zhong An Technology Group Headquarters Office Building Interior Design 2023 Pioneer Porton Office 2023 Silver Give white – moving white wall 2023

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