IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Atour Hotel of Wujiaochang Area,Shanghai

by Sangu Architectural Design Zhu Fulong,Li Mingliang

Project Description

The hotel is located at No. 88 Zhengheng Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai. It has a modern style as its theme, with a simple and elegant appearance and unique characteristics.
Design concept: Atour Hotel mainly adopts simple, modern and fashionable design style, focusing on innovation and individuality. The design must conform to local culture and characteristics and create a unique spatial experience.
|Return to simple natural aesthetics: Asymmetrical aesthetics: The aesthetic principle we pay attention to is asymmetrical aesthetics, and the spatial layout is simple and random.
Emphasis on the beauty of nature: Wabi-sabi style emphasizes the simple beauty of the original ecology, such as natural floors and mottled walls, which are excellent elements for creating wabi-sabi style.
Pursue authenticity: The texture, color, luster, etc. of the object itself are not absolutely perfect and are full of imperfections. It gives people the feeling of being killed by time and brings a sense of reality.
Simple. Concise:
Pursue minimalism, with few but refined items. From basic decoration to soft furnishings, there are no unnecessary furnishings in the entire house, no unnecessary background decoration, no colorful decorative paintings, and no unnecessary matching of soft furnishings.
The simple straight lines and unadorned appearance show a natural beauty, which embodies a deep sense of comfort for both people and the environment.
Respect nature. Pay attention to integration with nature Restore the essence of things: Furniture materials mostly appear in the form of prototypes, such as tables and chairs with wood textures, walls with rough textures, stone prototype artworks, and pottery pots with very random shapes.
Simple and design decorations present a static aesthetic space, which is a more advanced minimalist style. The material itself embodies a simple texture without exaggerated decoration, giving people a quiet and humble feeling.
The space is a comfortable resting environment with a comfortable taste, and attention is paid to every detail from the time of check-in. The lobby area is equipped with comfortable sofas and lounge chairs, providing guests with a relaxing and enjoyable waiting area. The furniture in the reception area and lounge area is simple and stylish, paired with soft fabrics and comfortable bedding, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere.
Sports is a way of life, and diverse fitness facilities can help you stay healthy during busy travels.
Light environment Every object and every ingenuity in the hotel is integrated with the natural mountains and fields, full of poetry. Create a rustic, cozy atmosphere. At the same time, designers will also blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors by introducing natural light and landscape, allowing people to feel the beauty of nature.
Design details can also present the brand's image and characteristics. The first choice for hanging paintings is abstract paintings in warm colors, mainly black, white and brown, preferably with large color blocks. Decorations use elements such as clay pots, rattan, and dry branches to add to the atmosphere.
The hotel's design adopts an open style layout, cleverly dividing different functional areas while maintaining overall coherence. Create a comfortable and warm light environment through reasonable window design and lighting arrangement. Under the rendering of low color temperature lighting, the indoor atmosphere presents a quiet and hazy feeling. Wooden matte hidden light sources are widely used.
The style, tone and color scheme are mainly low-key and sober, with a preference for low-saturation colors. Earth tones are commonly used as the main colors, and beige and high-end gray colors emphasize warmth and coordination to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Neutral colors such as gray brown and off-white can best highlight the texture and natural feel of wabi-sabi style. The sandy earth color and ink tone show a sense of simplicity and low-key, rendering a sense of loneliness.
The elegant and tranquil environment brings a natural tranquility to the guests. In today's fast-paced life, what people pursue is comfort and warmth. Although you are in the city, it can help you find the power of inner peace.
|In terms of authentic, simple and transparent materials, the hotel uses natural wood, stone and metal materials to create a space with rich texture. Pursue the original and simple texture, focus on highlighting the real texture of indoor elements, and pursue the texture expression of natural elements: such as the feeling of rust and dead wood.
restaurant design The restaurant adopts a modern and simple style, with bright and warm colors. The well-designed dining area provides guests with a pleasant dining environment. At the same time, the restaurant also pays attention to the presentation and unique taste of the dishes, bringing guests a gourmet feast.
Atour Hotel's core mission is to provide high-quality accommodation experience. Our internal design standards aim to provide every guest with a warm, comfortable and high-quality living environment.
Whether it is business travel or leisure vacation, the hotel will become a haven for guests to relax their mind and body. Welcome to experience the unique charm of Atour Hotel Wujiaochang!
Complete project information:
Design unit: Shanghai Sangu Architectural Decoration Co., Ltd.
Project name: Atour Hotel Shanghai Wujiaochang;
Project location: No. 88 Zhengheng Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai;
Project style: wabi-sabi style, natural aesthetics;
Building area: about 5500 square meters;
Completion time: October 2023;
Design scope: interior design, graphic design, building facade design, soft decoration design, lighting design;
Main materials: microcement, natural wood, stone, metal materials, glass, etc.
Creative Director: Zhu Fulong
Interior design: Cui Guochang, Li Mingliang, Qiao Xiuliang;
Soft decoration design: Sun Jingyue, Yue Hongxia

Sangu Architectural Design Zhu Fulong,Li Mingliang

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