IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Zhen Club

by Nature Times Art Design Co., Ltd

Project Description

The Zhen Club offers a rich life experience to meet diverse enjoyment needs, immersed in the elegant fragrance of white magnolia. It aims to immerse guests in the beautiful and elegant atmosphere of old Shanghai. Located in the bustling urban core, the Zhen Club developed by Ping An of China provides ultra-high-end services for the elderly, catering to the needs of high-net-worth families. Featured by the thread of Shanghai symbols, the design team has created a storytelling space with a strong Shanghai charm.
The overall design incorporated the abstracted form of the urban context and the lane culture of Shanghai. The spatial sequence of traditional residences was utilized to organize various functions while offering varying scenes at every step through progressive circulation routes with interspersed landscape art installations. The color scheme of the space is rich and warm, with a brownish palette and various textures. 、 Additionally, ornamental colors such as reddish brown, ivory color, and dark brown have been extracted from the blooming white magnolia trees in the lanes to create a coherent and elegant visual rhythm and style.
The urban living room for public socializing is flanked by colonnades and doors, which form a subtle and elegant boundary, creating a peaceful atmosphere and varying scenes at every step. The long circulation route connects sections with unique cultural themes such as the brand display area, workshop, video gallery, and health care center.
The goal is to build an "age-friendly city," and this project, as a benchmark for "City Core Elderly Care," aims to provide innovative solutions for the future through scenography and environment creation. Textured materials, smart health systems, and atmosphere control tailored to the physical and mental conditions of the elderly serve as age-appropriate elements in the subtle visual transformation and symbolic interpretation, emphasizing the value of design. The scale and aesthetics are also fundamental factors of design, which are related to the essence of space, time, spirit and life, shaping a contemporary lifestyle deeply rooted in the Eastern context yet adaptive globally.

Nature Times Art Design Co., Ltd

Established by a team of designers who combine artistry with experience, Nature Times Art Design provides a diverse range of services, including boutique architectural design, interior design, furniture and furnishings. We work closely with each client to understand and meet their requirements while crafting distinctive design solutions that express the unique characteristics of each project.
Our designs embody the essence of the East, using the philosophy of nature as a source to create spaces that sit in harmony with their environment. Approaching each project as a work of art, we draw inspiration from both Eastern and Western elements, and constantly break away from tradition and convention to create contemporary design concepts that are unique and original.

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