IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Zhongding 316

by Shenzhen Power Design Consultant Co., Ltd. /jim huang /luo jie

Project Description

The design concept of Zhongding 316 signage and wayfinding system cleverly incorporates the concept of the Mobius loop's cycle of regeneration, showcasing a unique fusion of art and commerce. Through two twisted metal lines, this design concept is given a fashionable and artistic appearance, with these lines flowing in space as if telling a story about growth and change.
The choice of purple gradient color adds a deeper layer to this design concept. It not only visually creates a noble and mysterious atmosphere but also cleverly meets the needs of the commercial space, making the entire signage system both eye-catching and conveying the professionalism and sophistication of the commercial space.
This design concept is not limited to just individual signs. Zhongding 316 integrates this concept throughout the space, from standing signs to icons, and even restroom directional signs, all filled with elements of regeneration and growth. This consistency and unity not only enhance the recognition of the signage system but also make the entire space more harmonious and unified.
The success of the Zhongding 316 signage and wayfinding system design concept lies in its clever combination of art and commerce, creating a signage system that is both artistic and commercially valuable through unique design language and visual elements. This design concept not only enhances the quality of the space but also brings a new wayfinding experience to people.

Shenzhen Power Design Consultant Co., Ltd. /jim huang /luo jie

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