IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Pinnacle of Japanese Refinement


Project Description

This project involves the interior design of a newly constructed single-story residence covering an area of approximately 103 sqm.
The entrance foyer is characterized by its long elongated shape, with storage and lightweight hanging fixtures arranged along the walls. Upon entering the public area from the foyer, the design endeavors to evoke a sense of fluidity and spatial depth, creating a softer and more tranquil interplay of light and shadow. This is achieved through the integration of numerous curves and parabolic forms into seamless surfaces, structural transitions, and cabinetry styling. Notable examples include the connection of the living room cabinet and low table with the soft platform in front of the window, as well as the curved vista observed from the foyer. In the former, dark wood grain textures are juxtaposed against matte-finished floor tiles and the naturally rough surface of the main wall's stone recesses. This subtle contrast profoundly conveys the Japanese aesthetic principle of imperfection as a form of beauty, known as "wabi-sabi." Meanwhile, the latter facet of the design seeks to adorn the columns and refine architectural elements, including the rounded arches on the sides of the columns and the corners of the beams. Achieving this entails meticulous selection of rustic wooden furniture and artistic ornaments, complemented by hand-painted wall coatings, backlit cedar shelves, and discreet under-beam lighting. Collectively, these elements converge to cultivate a diffuse and calming ambiance, characterized by a distinctive soft-focus effect.
The public areas are designed with an open layout to optimize visibility and the seamless flow of light and shadow. A standout feature is the bespoke integrated dining table situated at the rear of the dining area. This design not only avoids sharp corners but also boasts a curved quartz countertop, making maintenance effortless. Moreover, the clver addition of a sink enhances daily convenience. Furthermore, multifunctional elements like display, storage, and appliance cabinets are seamlessly integrated to enhance utility and efficiency.
Moreover, the careful selection of materials and techniques elevates a sense of refinement to the interior space. For example, the dining table's cabinet doors are meticulously crafted with wooden strips and tenon joints. The tall shoe cabinet and display cabinet boast exteriors adorned with double-sided wooden frames intricately wrapped with smoked rattan weaving. Additionally, the living room's window frames are deliberately thickened for added visual impact. Accentuated by the dynamic interplay of light and shadow cast by wooden blinds, each detail showcases impeccable artistry. Together, these elements bestow a captivating Zen-like atmosphere reminiscent of a Japanese tea house, where time appears to slow down.


No. 37 Studio is located in the Minsheng Community of Taipei and close to several creative studios, which enables us to constantly embrace the up-to-date design styles as well as inspires us with better interior design ideas. A home is where the homeowner’s dream becomes reality rather than the display of the designer’s personal style. With the principle in mind, our space planning is not limited to certain design styles but to each unique home, we provide customized interior design solutions while considering sunlight, fresh air, window views, the user’s needs and etc. “The most extraordinary beauty of the world is the charm of home” is our original intention as well as our aspiration. The core concept of Jay’s design is personalization. From homeowners who like the characteristics of Jay’s design to clients who have their vision for their new home, Jay is dedicated to provide solutions through thorough communication and sketch drawings that he turns the key factors of clients dream homes into lines and spaces professionally and efficiently. Concluded by the masterful skills of construction team, a meaningful home becomes reality

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