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International Design Pioneer Award



Project Description

Design concept and description: This case is a duplex residential building designed for a family of five. The design revolves around the layout issue and reorganizes the spatial relationship. Combining with the on-site conditions, it awakens residents' perception of the four seasons, sunshine, temperature, and color. Through the use of materials, lighting continuity, curved ceilings, and other techniques, the space is relaxed and comfortable, penetrating the material, touching the heart, and fully enjoying every moment at home.
The treatment of curved ceiling softens and stretches the visual experience, making each surface feel different. The rotating staircase combined with the TV wall forms the entire surface, combined with the window opening to create a landscape pool, echoing the scenery outside the window, immersing oneself indoors and perceiving nature. There is a whole sideboard behind the restaurant, considering the daily coffee making needs. The embedded refrigerator is hidden in the facade design, and the entire space is made of warm walnut wood and zinc ash, connecting the entrance, hallway, restaurant, and balcony together. Considering lighting, the space is also integrated into several aspects. Induction light strips are added at each step of the rotating staircase to enhance the sense of ceremony when going up and down. The first step is to extend the arc of the steps to the TV wall. Considering long-term wear resistance and the use of micro cement material for material closure, the material hierarchy of the space is increased.
Most of the daily cooking is done at home using a hollowed out processing form, which requires high storage and usage requirements. Therefore, the kitchen space has been expanded. The design of the Western Kitchen Island counter has increased storage to meet the convenience of daily breakfast at home. The open kitchen and dining room are visually transparent from north to south, enhancing the transparency and interactivity of the space.
Considering the office needs of the male host, a study with a small leisure balcony is installed in the master bedroom to meet smoking needs, and the independence of the space does not affect the other party's rest. The master bedroom and study are separated by glass partitions, which provide transparency and privacy, creating an interactive space. The original light intake was relatively low, so in terms of processing, along with the treatment of the headboard background, the material proportion was re divided and overlaid. Visually, the height of the window opening was stretched, and the stainless steel frame was extremely narrow, increasing the sense of contour. A pocket door is used between the bedroom and the dressing room to divide the space and avoid being too open and insecure during sleep. The walk-in closet connects to the main bathroom, with blinds inside the glass. The angle of light can be adjusted to ensure privacy, while also allowing for better enjoyment of natural lighting and window views. Imitation stone wall and floor tiles add a luxurious atmosphere to the space.
Light Description:
Professional lighting is used throughout the house, while maximizing the introduction of natural landscapes into the interior. The combination of natural and professional lighting awakens residents' perception of the four seasons, sunlight, temperature, and color. Considering the safety and convenience of family members, each staircase is arranged at a moderate spacing and equipped with sensing light strips. During walking, the visual presentation of the piano keys presents a rhythmic and dynamic posture, becoming a highly ceremonial bond between the upper and lower parts. The second floor provides a space with comprehensive and diverse functions, as well as a private activity area that belongs to the personal domain. Through the cutting and interweaving of materials, the interweaving and continuation of lighting, geometric dimensions and poetry, the atmosphere of the space is relaxed and touches the heart, allowing family life to be free from the changes of time.
Renovation instructions: The second floor has been constructed and re divided to form a master bedroom suite that includes a study, a dressing room, a leisure balcony, and a bathroom
The position of the stairs has been changed, and a rotating staircase has been considered, which not only serves as a link between the upper and lower floors, but also serves as a decoration in the space, increasing the sense of ritual in life
Expand the original living balcony to the kitchen, increase the usage space of the kitchen, and also introduce the scenery outside the window into the interior
4. The original living balcony area has been moved to the original staircase position, changing the inconvenience of entering the living balcony from the kitchen


Chengdu Hongfu Decoration Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is a "design oriented" home decoration company that integrates design and construction. It provides interior decoration services including full design, soft decoration design, decoration construction, and procurement of main materials/soft decoration. It undertakes design services in Chengdu and even across the country (construction is not provided in other places). In addition to the Chengdu headquarters, there are also city branches in Guiyang, Xi'an, and Lianyungang. The group has four independent brands: Yuzhu Mansion Design, Novolan Soft Decoration, Start Stop Design (Guiyang), and Jianjing Commercial Design. The company adheres to the core concept of "designing to create the beauty of life" and has persisted in originality for 11 years, accumulating over 4000 sets of actual shooting cases.
Awards and honors: 2024 House Award National Top 100 Residential Design Award; Top 100 National Top 100 Design Companies in 2023; Gold and Excellence Awards at the 11th Hi Design Interior Design Competition in 2023; 2023 Rayli Unlimited · Light Luxury Life Excellent Design Award; The 2023 PChouse Award for Private Home Design City Ranking Top 10 Design Institution Award; 2023 Golden Residence Award · Top 10 Residential Space Designers (Chengdu); 2023 Jinrong Cup Residential Gold Award; 2023 IHIDA Habitat Space Design Award - Top 10 Villa Spaces&Display Art Spaces of the Year; 2023 Red Cotton Design Award · Annual Interior Design Award; 2023 N+SIGN AWARDS Annual TOP 100; The 11th Nest Building Award 2023 Gold Award for Large Unit Types; The Best Large, Medium, and Small Apartments in the Southwest Region of the 2023 Zhuxiaobang Designer Competition; 2023 4O INDER 4O (Sichuan) Outstanding Youth in Contemporary Design; 2023 40 INDER 40 (Chengdu) Design Outstanding Youth; The 23rd Ginkgo Golden Bird Awards in 2023 Platinum and Gold Awards; 2023 JAPAN IDPA International Pioneer Design Silver Award; Top 50 Chengdu Home Decoration Enterprises in 2023;
Gold and Excellence Awards at the 10th Hi Design Interior Design Competition in 2022; Top 100 of the 2022 PChouse Award for Private Home Design in China; Top 10 cities on the 2022 PChouse Award for Private Home Design; 2022 Chengdu Building Decoration Engineering Residential Gold Award; Waiting for over 200 design awards.

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