IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Heyuetangqian Yayuan


Project Description

Heyuetangqian Yayuan stands as an example of Suzhou's 'Urban Forestry' improvement housing projects, capturing the serene and vibrant essence of the 'City Forest' life amid the bustling city. Rather than focusing on singular, explosive features, the design team has skillfully guided the visitor's experience through strategic visual cues, rhythmic progression, and a nuanced understanding of light and shadow across diverse scenes. The design integrates elevated structures with outdoor gardens seamlessly, deftly managing the transition to maintain a harmonious indoor-outdoor rhythm. This creates a cohesive and ongoing spatial narrative, allowing occupants to simultaneously relish the comfort of the indoors and the freshness of outdoor spaces.In this 'Forest Living' environment, residents benefit from a naturally therapeutic setting that encourages relaxed reconnection, as well as a nurturing habitat that enriches daily life. The bright and airy tea garden, where gentle breezes blow, becomes a social hub for entertaining guests or fostering neighborly bonds. The multifunctional clubhouse space, whether used for reading by the fireplace or energizing exercise accompanied by sounds of birds from the nearby woods, makes every area a delightful place for relaxation and enjoyment. In this design, the beauty of home permeates every aspect, fostering intimate interactions with nature and enhancing living experiences.


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