IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Wang Qiang

Project Description

Looking at the centennial farewell hospital again, one thought is getting better and better A living architectural design should include the understanding of society, architecture, culture and history, careful care of people's subtle feelings in the process of space activities, and the reproduction of humanistic spirit. From the design to the landing of the project, in the past two years, although every brick and tree has long been clear in mind, every time I step into it, I have different feelings, and I feel a lot of feelings. Seeing and recalling the journey of a hundred years. A typical old quadrangle, the private residence of a Gege in the late Qing Dynasty, has few traces of Beijing architecture in Shenyang a hundred years ago, and it is amazing and awe-inspiring. As a reconstruction designer, how to wake up the Fangzheng Courtyard that has been sleeping for a hundred years, give it a second life, and let him stand in the present with what attitude, settle in this modern city, and a sense of mission rushes in.

Wang Qiang

Design director of co-founder of Shenyang Gude Space Decoration Co., Ltd. IAI Asia-Pacific Design Biennial Grand Prix Public Space Nomination IAI Asia-Pacific Design Biennial Grand Prix Hotel, Dining Space Nomination 2012- Gold Ring Global Design Awards Club Silver Award 2012- Golden Ring Global Design Award for Excellence in Catering 2013 Aite Award Nomination Award for Entertainment

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