IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Starry pupil

by James Lai

Project Description

The design adopts the lover's eye, outlining the eye socket with curved lines, and the two sides of the pendants are used as eyelashes and feathers, diffusing a gorgeous spiritual salute on the basis of visual aesthetics. With the change of a pavilion, the installations raised and lowered by different themes are also different. The first half is modern and simple, with varied styles and a sense of high class, which is the Art Deco style that young people are very fond of nowadays. The second half of the toast ceremony began, along with the switch of lights, all of a sudden, streams of colour, dragons and phoenixes, constructed rooted in the hearts of the country's people elegant and magnificent traditional Chinese style.

James Lai

Founder of Laisi Space Design; Strategic Consultant of Wedding Hall Hotel Design Interior Architect; Commercial and Artistic Designer; Stage Setting Designer for the Reunion Banquet of "The Sister Who Rides the Waves 3". Influential Designer of the Year for Wedding Hall; IDA International Design Award; MUSE Creative Awards, USA, Platinum Award in Architecture Category OPAL Design Award, UK; A' DESIGN AWARD, Italy, Architecture, Building and Structural Design Category China's only shortlisted designer for the South Pavilion of the Chengdu World Horticultural Expo 2024.

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