IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The Dust Image Studio

by Hangzhou Kaijian Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Project Description

The Dust Image Studio is located on the top floor of a four story building, with wide open windows arranged on both sides, making the entire space appear both open and orderly. However, it is not difficult to find that the visual presentation of space is mainly limited to horizontal extension, and the vertical spatial sense is slightly insufficient, seemingly lacking a three-dimensional level and depth. Although the windows on both sides make the entire space well lit and bright as day, they also make the sense of hierarchy of the space unable to be fully displayed, appearing slightly dull. Therefore, this time we have decided to cleverly incorporate some vertical design elements into the space to enhance its sense of dimensionality and hierarchy. At the same time, we focus on introducing light from the top, which not only breaks the original horizontal visual limitations, but also enriches the lighting and shadow effects of the space.
In terms of controlling the lighting on both sides, we have carefully adjusted the position of the original windows after careful consideration. In order to ensure that the side light can accurately fall on the predetermined position, we have decided to cancel some of the side windows. Through this strategic renovation, we aim to create a more layered and aesthetically pleasing spatial atmosphere. In order to enhance the design of vertical spatial movement lines, stairs are no longer solely responsible for the function of movement line structures. We drew inspiration from Wright's concept of mobile space and endowed it with more attributes and functions by introducing light and adding platforms. It has become the focus and highlight of space, attracting people's attention and footsteps. Here, people can stop and stop, appreciate the changes in light and shadow, and feel the charm of space. This design not only supplements the vertical space, making it more three-dimensional and rich, but also enhances the practicality and experience of the space in daily use.

Hangzhou Kaijian Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

The kaijian design is composed of senior designers in the industry, who have been engaged in professional interior design work for many years. The design company has completed many high-end customer private customization and various real estate decoration and office projects, adhering to the design service concept of "design creates value, professional improves quality", and is committed to providing customers with unique, professional, and systematic full case design services.

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