IDPA Japan Design Award


Landscape Design

Gold Silver 2022 Pionner Platinum 2022 Silver The Tree Cave Fairy Paradise of Mansion Hills Demonstration Area, Jinan. 2022 Platinum CIFI INNER PEACE COMMUNITY, Luzhi Town, Suzhou 2022 Silver Landscape Development and Environmental Art Improvement of Jiuzhou Pond of Luoyang City in Sui and Tang Dynasties 2022 Pionner Eight tri-grams • Dragon mountains and seas- …

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Building Design

Gold Silver 2022 Pionner Platinum 2022 Platinum BSP20 house 2022 Pionner Gallery House 2022 Silver G-Luxe by Gloria Suzhou Taimei 2022 Silver Xuan Yu 2022 Gold Chinese Tujia Pan-Museum Complex 2022 Pionner Healing in Greenery 2022 Pionner Wind and Rain Space(1/2) 2022 Pionner Linan Painting • Immortal Ceramic City — The conceptual planning and design …

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