IDPA Japan Design Award


Landscape Design

Gold Silver Pioneer 2023 2023 Pioneer RONDS Equipment Intelligent Service Series Product Project 2023 Gold Puxin Island Project 2023 Silver Turning Brownfields into an Urban Park: The Ecological Regeneration of South Lake Park in Tangshan 2023 Pioneer YTT·School of future 2023 Pioneer CheCheng Waterfront & Environment Creation 2023 Pioneer ShangKun•YueLi-Rowing quay Square(Phase I) 2023 Pioneer […]

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Architectural Design

Gold Silver Pioneer 2023 2023 Pioneer Environmental Sustainability :A Red Power Plant Dancing with the City 2023 Gold Hot Spring Center of Nayun Cliff Vacation Village 2023 Silver Club Med Joyview Qiandao Lake 2023 Pioneer Sea Cliff Hotel 2023 Pioneer Club Med Lijiang 2023 Pioneer Jinan National Univesity Science Park 2023 Gold Guangdong Dongguan Changan

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