IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

He Ban Hao Ting

by Yako-Lin

Project Description

The original house structure was a stacked unit, with each floor being an independent three bedroom unit. We have undergone a major renovation of the three story structure, with only the staircase reserved in advance for the house. The redesign of the original three story building structure presents a warm visual experience and sweet and rich imagination, activating the old architectural space and blooming a new life cycle. The restructuring of the building structure allows for the rebirth of the original single space. We focus more on the relationship between people and architecture, people and the environment, and people and people. All planar relationships are generated through these reflections. Our design is planned based on factors such as architecture, lighting, insulation, energy storage, heat storage, materials, culture, energy conservation, and environmental protection. After seeking the owner to obtain the original structural drawings and finding the location of the load-bearing wall, the non load-bearing walls were mostly dismantled, and a hollow treatment was carried out above the living room on the third floor. The kitchen wall was knocked down to create an open kitchen, and the bathroom was also separated into three parts. Each floor only retains one room as a bedroom, while the other areas serve as public areas. A meditation room and yoga area have been created on the fourth floor, as well as separate reading and book storage areas. The fifth floor was originally an attic, and we designed a children's room with a two-story function and designed a children's slide for children to play with. Occupying a portion of the north facing terrace, forming areas such as corridors/bathrooms/shower rooms/bathtubs. The other area is a multifunctional room that can be used as a family activity room in daily life. A folding bed is designed in the wardrobe on the east side, which can be placed at night and stored during the day.
Finally, through the renovation of the three story structure, there will be qualitative changes in building ventilation, lighting, energy storage, heat storage, energy conservation, environmental protection, and power lines.


In recent years, we have won numerous domestic and international awards, including the 2022 Japan IDPA International Design Pioneer Award, the only platinum award winner in the private home category, the 2022 MUSE International Design Gold Award, the London Design Gold Award, the US IDA Honors Award, the North American PI Design Award, and nearly a hundred other domestic and international awards!
Advocate for careful reading of the specific requirements and limitations of each project in design practice, constantly breaking through and challenging the boundaries of limitations, continuously deepening the entire process from concept to construction details, and transforming the relationships between inside and outside, new and old, and artificial and natural.
Make space a medium for communication between people and the environment, creating new livable lifestyles.
Make every design point seem to grow out of space, as if everything is taken for granted, and in some inadvertent moments, unexpected.
Discover space, discover beauty.

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