IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Huayu Yulan Bay

by WangXi

Project Description

Project positioning: the owners are two American students who have returned to live in the 90s, their vision and fashion sensitivity are very high, the exchange of design, the female proprietor wants to create a living space with fashion sense, artistic sense and relatively refined atmosphere in the limited space, our pre-test to learn about their preferences, lifestyles, habits, personality preferences, budgets, and color preferences, according to the test results combined with indoor space projects in the design fully reflect the fashion, unique and artistic. Finally decided to combine modern style and fashion art, using simple, geometric lines and shapes, with unique artistic elements, such as abstract painting, sculpture, with the texture of the fabric and art of the entire space for the whole case of soft design. In the color matching we will be divided into two areas to build the project, negative first floor, negative second floor we choose the super cool gray black young people like, the first floor and the second floor choose the bright and rich color with high tolerance, using the popular color orange series, unified coordination in the whole space, to create a unique and eye-catching atmosphere.
In the choice of materials on the use of modern materials, such as glass, metal, stone and advanced plastics, to highlight the modern sense and sense of the future. On the choice of furniture and adornment, considered a few unique design artwork and trend hand-figures. In lighting design, make full use of natural light, adopt large daylighting well and art brick with transparent light source, design lighting system, create art atmosphere through different lighting effects. In the spatial layout, we use open layout, emphasizing smooth lines and transparency. Flexible use of furniture and decorations, break the traditional layout, showing a unique trend of flu. The negative first floor and the negative second floor are designed as the area where the young people meet for leisure and children play, and the first floor and the second floor are designed as the relative private living space of the owner's house. In the relatively strong sense of experience of the owners of the area design, fully considering the owners of the living habits and visitors to the arrival of the floor, considering the entire negative first floor of the indoor space experience, create an engaging spatial experience through artwork, music and ambient lighting.
Through the above careful design and considerations, for the owners to create a unique and modern, full of fashion art atmosphere of the indoor space. Space Mood: this case has 3 key design and consider the area. First: The Garage area with a sense of the future, at the beginning of the design, we have been discussing with the owners of the current People's way of life and the main passageway for family and friends to visit, because the garage is the key design area of the ritual feeling of entering the house, we use the intelligent garage door and entrance system, and use the automation, sensors and intelligent control system to realize the intelligent garage door. Use keyless entry, fingerprint or facial recognition technology to increase security and technological awareness. In the garage area intelligent lighting system, the choice of adjustable LED lighting system, according to the need to change the color and brightness, create a different atmosphere. The smart lighting system is also connected to the smart home system and is controlled by voice-activated or mobile phone applications. Entering the garage is like entering a time tunnel. Garage wall materials we use a sense of the future full of metal wire facing materials, with linear embedded light belt so that the garage wall presents a sci-fi-like effect. Water ripple texture of the stainless steel mirror wearing mirror with red changing shoes stool so that the space of fashion and science and technology sense of mutual brilliance. No. 2: with a movie, karaoke, disc, bar and children's Play Integrated Leisure Hall, we design, will be on the negative first floor of the leisure hall design for the owners to receive friends and accompany children to play the main activities of the space, the overall color scheme of this space is cool and dark, but in order to break the dull feeling brought by the dark color, it is suggested to keep a large area of the daylighting well area in the hardcover construction, to add more outdoor light for the children's play area, at the same time in this space used a few embellishment color, to enhance the entire area of fashion and playability.Third: Considering that the owner's house is a stacked villa project, the single-story area on the first floor and the second floor is not big. In order to realize the overall soft-installation atmosphere of the space with a sense of atmosphere, we chose a high-rise area on the second floor, where the master bedroom faces the living room on the first floor, designed large l-shaped floor-to-ceiling glass, the use of electric fog glass so that the whole space atmosphere, privacy and permeability are stronger.
Space Layout: 1, open multi-functional space: in the Integrated Leisure Hall on the first floor and the living room, dining area on the first floor are open layout, will be different functional areas into one. The small area of the original block is integrated into a smooth space, improving the sense of social and visual fluency. 2, multi-functional furniture: choose can transform or transform the furniture, in order to adapt to different needs. For example, we chose the foldable lounge chair and movable sofa to improve the flexibility of the space. 3. Thematic Space: create unique themes in different areas, such as the technology of the garage on the negative ground floor, the sense of the future, the artistic sense of the integrated lounge, and the artistic atmosphere, children's play areas and fashion trends on each floor in Entryway, etc. , reflect the theme through different design elements and color combinations.
Design material selection: in the large-scale sculpture selection of materials, we communicate with the manufacturers eventually selected renewable materials, this biodegradable materials, reduce the impact on the environment. In particular, several wall decorative 3D printing bricks and decorative panels, we have met the owners both good-looking environmental protection and economic benefits of the request. User Experience: due to a number of force majeure factors, the owner spent three years in the renovation of this case, and finally chose the soft installation design has some tired of dealing with the idea, but in the soft installation design around also inspected 3 companies, finally chose us, through our efforts in the specified time smooth delivery of occupancy, quote the owner's words: Thank you, Higgs! Finally moved in. Thank God for You, and I'm glad to know you. I am also happy to have changed from a working relationship to a friendship with the owner and AM currently working on her home soft-ware project in Hong Kong.  


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