IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Renovation of No. 5 Courtyard

by Uni-Create Group & Beijing Urban Construction Yatai Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Project Description

The project is located at No. 5 Courtyard, West Third Ring Middle Road in Beijing. The site is adjacent to the main elevated road and parallel service road of the West Third Ring Road on the east side, with high-rise residential buildings of a cadre sanatorium to the north and the Central Tower Park beneath the Central Radio & TV Tower to the south.
The renovation design retains the original building's outline, presenting a slightly elevated curved volume at the street corner. The original aluminum-plastic panels and green glass aluminum alloy strip windows have been replaced with clean, substantial UHPC panels, aluminum panels, and large glass combination façades. These updates maintain the horizontal lines and add a dynamic element. The renovated building features a simple and robust form, enhanced by a sense of weight and quality. The restrained exterior lighting design adds a touch of liveliness, embodying the unique character of Beijing. This combination aligns with the overall temperament and urban memory of the capital city of a major nation.

Uni-Create Group & Beijing Urban Construction Yatai Construction Group Co., Ltd.

UCA (Uni-Create Group) is a comprehensive design company focused on enhancing design quality and holds a Class A qualification for architectural design. UCA advocates the concept and goal of "Better Vision, Better Life," employing research, thought, precision, and vision as its design methodology. The firm strives to leave an inspiring legacy in the urban memory through its designs.

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