IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Chengdu Zhonghai Lu Mountain

by HILL Landscape

Project Description

Looking at the red and wet place at dawn, the flowers are heavy and the city of Jinguan is full of beauty. The "Jinguan City" depicted by the poet Du Fu, with a history of over 2300 years, was initially presented in the form of a courtyard: Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Wuhou Temple, Yanhua Pond, and Anren Ancient Town, spanning thousands of years, telling the past and present of Chengdu.
Space Narrative - Modern Translation of Traditional Techniques:
Garden tour: The design combines traditional etiquette with natural landscape charm, using the techniques of "starting, inheriting, turning, and merging" to unfold the rhythm of the park tour, entering the story of Jincheng and revisiting the beauty of old dreams.
Starting ceremony sequence:
The main entrance is grand, formal, and exudes a sense of quality. Walking through the reception area, the frame view of french window outlines the poetic aesthetic courtyard with flowing water.
Inheritance and heritage:
Huanhua Creek - Immersive Water Courtyard Space: The water of Huanhua Creek flows westward, the owner is the secluded forest and pond . Using modern design techniques to recreate the natural landscape of the "Huanhua Creek" in the thatched cottage, passing through the noisy city porch and instantly entering the poetic courtyard cultural display space, the body and mind can relax instantly. The design draws on the cultural elements of Du Fu's thatched cottage, using the large hall in Du Fu's thatched cottage as a prototype, customizing artistic installations, and triggering dialogue and philosophical thinking between ancient and modern times. The combination of modern fashion and classical humanistic art can also form a unique borrowing scenery, naturally introducing Du Fu's culture into the project.
Transfer - Fireworks:
Shuixie Pavilion - Wandering through the eyes and carefree with the poetic style. The atrium is mainly designed to create a sense of atmosphere in the Du Fu Thatched Cottage and Water Pavilion scenic area. There is a pavilion by the water in the forest, with green light and water shadows, creating a natural and comfortable atmosphere. It expresses the sense of scene and multifunctional communication space expressed by the first level landscape space. Creating a floating living room with logs and high-end luxury stones, the style is fashionable and elegant. The floor to ceiling metal mesh curtain creates a hazy feeling, reflecting the blooming flowers of the ancient pomegranate garden.
Children's Paradise - Taking Snails for a Walk:
Don't worry, every child has their own growth trajectory. In the long journey of life, everything will be on time. Please be patient with impatience, let go of anxiety, and slow down with your child, just like taking a snail for a walk. In addition to the destination, there are also scenery along the way and a sky full of stars. Health Garden - Release Vitality and Enjoy Dopamine
Go to the green fields and be a free traveler. The energetic and trendy sports area allows you to enjoy and unleash your energy at any time.
The fitness trend surrounding the scenic tightly wraps around the park's beautiful scenery, seamlessly integrating with the fitness venue, staging a light oxygen fitness trend, and encountering unexpected sunlight. Wake up and jog together, always immerse yourself in nature, and fully experience the vitality of life.
Harmony - Secret Realm:
Flowing fragrance in the flower path - A secret fragrance courtyard, resting on the idle life The fragrance of traveling through the four seasons, the scenery covering the way home, the garden full of spring flowers, waiting for the wind and you. Starting from the perception of the landscape, select more than 20 types of flower border plants, gather the blooming scenery, warm the nostalgic years, and experience the flow of the four seasons. Every time I return home, it feels like I have gone through a soothing ceremony.
The landscape utilizes limited space to design a vibrant Chinese tallow forest, creating a spatial hierarchy in the straightforward space. The Chinese tallow forest is colorful and picturesque, fully embodying the charm of autumn. The crimson color of Chinese tallow complements the sunlight of autumn, creating moving autumn scenes.
Emotional Mood - Experience and Perception :
The core spirit of Eastern aesthetics is "artistic conception", which conveys a beauty that transcends objective existence through the portrayal of specific objects, thereby achieving emotional sustenance and expression.
Write at the end:
The dark water flows through the flower path, and the spring stars lead the grass hall. Zhonghai Luzhishan responds to the past and present by creating landscapes with humanistic elements and immersing them in the realm of natural poetry and painting. Pointing to the end also signifies longevity, providing the best aesthetic connection for modern courtyards. When listening to nature, return to simplicity; To enjoy the garden, cherish the past and present, and live calmly.

HILL Landscape

HILL Landscape company is a large-scale landscape design institution in China, a Class B specialized qualification unit for landscape engineering design, a high-tech enterprise, and has ranked in the top five of China's product strength rankings on Jinpan Net for three consecutive years. Established in Shenzhen in 2007, with over 60 professional design talents, we practice comprehensive landscape planning and design, committed to environmental space design in urban residential, commercial and office, cultural and tourism public, hotel and vacation, industrial parks, schools, hospitals, and other fields. We have produced over a thousand landscape works, won recognition from all parties with our strong professional strength, and won many professional strength awards.
Including: United Nations FOTUN Design Award, Global Habitat Environment Award, American Master of Architecture Award, GFDA Global Future Design Award, IDA International Design Award, PIO Global Real Estate Design Award, Shenzhen Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award, Shenzhen Landscape Association Excellent Design Award, AHLA Asian Habitat Landscape Award, REARD Global Real Estate Design Award, CREDAWARD Real Estate Design Award, as well as well-known professional awards such as Aesthetics Vogue Award, Landscape Ingenuity Award, Yuanye Award, Kinpan Award, Kinju Award, and  IDEA-KING Award in China and abroad. At the same time, 11 excellent design projects of Hill Landscape have been included in the 13th Five Year Plan textbook "Landscape Planning and Design".

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