IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


Naoki Iijima

Naoki Iijima Born 1949 in Saitama, JapanGraduated from Musashino Art University in 19731976-1985 Superpotato,Member of Staff1985 Established Iijima Design2004-2014 Japan Commercial environmental Design Association, Chairman of the Board2008-2014 KU/KAN Design Organization, Chairman of the Board 2011-2016 Kogakuin University, Professor at School of Architecture Publication casuistica : Naoki Iijima’s works’, published May 2010 Lecture Dynamic State […]

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Masanobu Takeishi

Masanobu Takeishi Principal / Lighting Director Profile Born in Yokohama in 1959, graduated from the Department of Architecture at Tama Art University in 1982. After working in the design division of a lighting manufacturer, he became the chief lighting designer for Kaito Office in 1990, and established ICE(Illumination of City Environment) Ltd. in 1996. He

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NORIHIKO SHINYA PROFILE 1987, I have graduated with top honors Meiji University, Department of Architecture. Licensed (Japan ,1st class) Architect & Construction Managing Engineer. I have been engaged in interior design at Super Potato Co., Ltd. For 32 years. As Executive Vice President, I have been engaged in creative direction of interior design for the


Miki Orihara

Miki Orihara Interior Designer Representative Director of ODO Co., Ltd. 1989 Retired from a bank and studied design on her own. 1993 While working as an accountant, started design practice at a design/construction company. 1996 Established a private office, Artform, in Sendai, Japan. 1998 Incorporated Artform Inc. with her friend. 2007: Established the Tokyo office

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Joe Suzuki

Joe Suzuki Design Producer / Writer Known as a discerning connoisseur, in the fields of design, architecture, and art. His book “The Secrets : Masterpiece Furnitures” is a bestseller that ranked number one in its genre on Amazon. The house tour series “My Car & My House,” which introduces creative houses, is a popular project

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