IDPA Japan Design Award


Hiroshi Yoneya


Born in 1968. Worked under Shigeru Uchida at Studio 80 from 1992 to 2002 and founded a Tokyo-based design studio TONERICO:INC. with Ken Kimizuka and Yumi Masuko in 2002.
He has been a professor in the Department of Architecture and Environmental Design at Tama Art University since 2017.
He is engaged in a wide range of design activities from architecture, interior design, to furniture and product design and also presents his conceptual works regularly at exhibitions both abroad and in Japan.
He has received numerous awards, including the Milan SaloneSatellite Award First Prize, JCD Design Award Gold Prize, JID Award, Japan Space Design Award Gold Prize.
His major projects include “Artizon Museum,” “GINZA TSUTAYA BOOKS,” “LOFT Store Development,” “Aoyama Mihoncho,” “MEMENTO,” and “KYOBASHI.”