IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Zhonghai Tangquan Villa

by Yu Ting Ma

Projet Description

A home takes into account light luxury and details.
Zhonghai Tangquan is located in Huicheng District, Huizhou City, with a unique natural landscape of "one lake, two rivers and five mountains". Surrounded by mountains, standing beside the mountains, living by the river, accompanied by gardens, it is entitled to an excellent ecological environment, thus creating an elegant villa with a leisurely view. A designer who understands aesthetics and an owner who is picky about quality jointly create a set of decoration that does not care about prosperity, aiming to create a home with light luxury and details.
The living room, dining room and kitchen:
The living room, dining room and kitchen present modern style as a whole, with brisk colors and concise lines, highlighting the texture of light luxury, creating a warm life and showing modern aesthetics. While meeting the needs of life, it also uses the design concept of no main lamp which improves the artistic taste. Walking through the space, people may not be aware of any uncomfortable changes due to the consistent material and style, and the integrated pattern also adds a visual extension effect. The large-size glass window allows the light of the whole space to be completely shine indoors, meeting the lighting needs of the space and increasing the utilization rate of natural light. The TV and TV cabinet being built in the background wall eliminates abrupt line of sight, resulting in clean and tidy living room space.
The large floor-to-ceiling windows in the western kitchen provide sufficient light, offering a bright visual experience. The light falling on the glass chair and stone dining table through the shutter adds warmth to the space. The worktop with simple shape, which is harmonious and consistent with the overall tone, shortens the distance between people and creates a delicate and modern space atmosphere.
Master bathroom on the 3rd floor:
The modern bathroom is equipped with a large-size marble and white utensils, reflecting luxury without any mess overall. The reasonable layout, orderly furnishing, bright light and spacious space enhance the high-end quality, and offer an amiable perception which is familiar at home.
Reading area on the B1 floor:
Instead of creating a luxurious decoration style, the reading area adopts simple and smooth lines and uses the contrast of furniture colors with emphasis on the tranquility and rich inner world during reading. Dark wood decorative cabinets with warm lamp strips set off the atmosphere in which a book does hold a house of gold. Gray metal reading tables and chairs show the rationality in their composure.
Performance Hall on the B2 floor:
The Performance Hall is located on the B2 floor to isolate the noise and ensure the purity of music to the greatest extent. The bright light, though on the B2 floor, along with the leather sofa and glass coffee table, creates strong modern atmosphere. It is fun to sit here with friends and listen to the performance of the grand piano.
Garage on the B2 floor:
The whole garage is provided with the walls of beige art paint, which is simple and clear; streamline lamp strips and downlights are arranged in a harmonious way to illuminate the details of the car body.

Yu Ting Ma

Yuting Ma graduated from Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. Her design philosophy is that focus makes simple.

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