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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

There is happiness in the world


Projet Description

The project is named "There is happiness in the word" and has an interior area of 917 square meters. Located in Leshan , Sichuan Province, China, the project is designed and constructed by Perfect Design and will be completed in October 2021.
When I see you are happy, so I am happy for your. -Haruki Murakami
Simple and competent lines, natural color materials, Japanese style decoration does not focus on luxury and gilded atmosphere, but the use of natural materials, a clear and crisp, simple lines, to bring the feeling of simplicity and beauty.
The contemporary architecture and modern materials are perfectly integrated together, and the warmth of the wood makes the whole space a peaceful state, which is appealing at first glance. Although it is simple, it does not give people the feeling of monotony and dullness. A little greenery embellishes one side, bringing a sense of freshness to the space, in which you can feel the breath of nature in the wood color and greenery. The gentle color wraps the space, expresses the unique transparency, constructs the atmosphere of the whole space, feels the beauty of smooth lines, the day and night in the court, spring, autumn, winter and summer, each of which is a different kind of pleasure.
Daylight illuminates the house, sprinkled with quiet and simple, fabric sofa, a glance of fresh and uncomplicated, the choice of the original wood color with, to simplify, indifferent and quiet, giving people a sense of stability and warmth. Straight and pure lines outline the entire space, clean and tidy tones, where the taste of cooking happiness. The most preferred or hard wood marble, isolated from vulgarity and disturbance, clean and bright is the best expression of it.
Poetry system Zen, ink green mountains, so that poetry and simplicity coexist, there are three or two points of natural gas is enough. Return to nature, abandon the complexity, elegant moderation, plain color is the soul of Zen. Jade plant into the natural embrace of the original wood color, enjoy the charm of the material texture, fresh and uncommon. Warm yellow light, elegant atmosphere, light color is simple, elegant in the invisible, low-key and calm, bring a comfortable sleep.
The essence of the Japanese system - break away, delete the complexity and simplify, enjoy a quiet corner alone. The light color with simple furniture and warm yellow light warm a corner, blending modernity and Japanese style together. The elegant landscape paintings are etched with poetry, opening up the eyes to stretch the body and mind, and in the Zen atmosphere, you can smell the tea, watch the grass and trees, listen to the birds singing, and feel the quietness.


WISDOM&MAGIC Design Office was established in 2008, the company is mainly engaged in residential space and commercial space high-end customization services, after more than ten years of rapid development, now has the leading advantage of specialization and branding. In the spirit of "people-oriented" corporate culture, the company has trained and cultivated a number of engineering and management talents in the work practice, formed a "design to reflect the strength, to prove the strength of construction, to develop the strength of service, to improve the strength of integrity. We always insist on doing the whole project design, taking design as the core competitiveness of the company, and constantly learning the advanced design concepts at home and abroad. The company's works have won many gold medals in various design competitions at home and abroad over the years.

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