IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Wanke Bailu county west courtyard

by Liu Yi Le

Projet Description

[man, time is natural] Man, in the passage of time, the energy of nature is given unreservedly. The four seasons change again and again, and the owners like spring best. In the vibrant season, we use art decoration and color matching, leaving a trace of spring. Fu, my spring residence. This case seeks the coincidence of natural light and the pure color of indoor simple design, and the unity of interior art and furniture, to convey the warm sense of relaxation in spring, the sense of laziness, and the wonderful sense of immersion.
The texture of wood, the softness of cotton, the change of light and shadow, all kinds of warm tones overlap in the bounded space, the interior uses more rice white and warm wood, in which, unconsciously, you can stay away from the numerous troubles, unload fatigue, and enjoy the comfort of relief. The seats set up along the window lead the scene into the room, listening to the sound of wind and rain, insects and birds, sitting and watching the changes of the four seasons, this is not only a process of dialogue between time and nature, but also the best interpretation of poetic dwelling. Indoor table and chair furnishings, cloth decoration, can be used as works of art alone, but integrated in this space, can be unified and neat, jointly brewing a natural spring scene, outdoor space white and green, continued in the indoor space color, residential and natural parallel, unexpected encounter with spring scenery, in full of vitality, quietly enjoy the warmth of returning home. The purpose of this case is to create a natural and comfortable and unfettered space atmosphere.
This case integrates the design of a new series of original household works-fruit core lanterns, with lanterns as the carrier, combining the shape and meaning of fruit kernels, natural elegance, and combining the theme of this case, organically combine natural culture with contemporary life to create a quality and warm life. Remarks: the fruit core lantern has obtained the design patent certificate, the certificate number is lantern (four corners) no. 71693339, lantern (fifty cents) 7177626

Liu Yi Le

Awards and honors:
International Association of Architectural Decoration and Interior Design Senior Interior Decoration designer registered ZJDA170352
National senior tea artist
National senior tea commentator
Certified designer of European NCS color system
Zhejiang Economic Vision Dreamer Co-designer
WYDF2020 Greater China Interior Design Gold Award designer of the year
2021-2022 4OUNDER4O China Outstanding Young designer in Zhejiang Province
Design Manifesto: make a living space with temperature
Design concept: the pursuit of harmony between holistic thinking and five senses and six senses
Length of service: 15 years
2006-2012: interior designer of Luoya Lanfu Home Decoration Center in Beijing, Taiwan
2012-2015: design Director, Hangzhou Branch of Shanglian Decoration (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
2015-2019: Beya International Home Design Director and Art Director
2020-present: founder and design director of Fu Twelve Design firm.

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