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International Design Pioneer Award

Yuexiu·Qingtie Heyuefu Green and Healthy Residential Project in Laoshan District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China

by Qingdao Qingtie Junxiu Real Estate Co., Ltd. China Academy of Building Research Co., Ltd. GuangZhou City Construction & Development Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Project Description

In the context of "dual carbon", the project responds to the requirements of Laoshan District for high-quality residential construction, fully considering the people's aspirations for a better life and higher requirements for residential quality, and has made a comprehensive upgrade in the green and healthy aspects of buildings.
1、Green and low-carbon design
● energy conservation design
Energy conservation and consumption reduction are the top priority of green buildings. In terms of building envelope design, optimization is carried out, with an average heat transfer coefficient of K ≤ 0.32W/㎡· K for the exterior walls, 0.14W/㎡· K for the roof, and 1.5W/㎡· K for the exterior windows. This significantly reduces the energy consumption of heating and air conditioning for residents, and improves the performance of building envelope structures by more than 25% compared to ordinary residential buildings.
2、 Healthy and livable design ● Coexistence with nature
Forest style lifestyle, growing houses in the park As Qingtie Heyuefu, which have obtained health building certification, whether it is the outdoor forest like community environment or the indoor green and healthy comfortable environment, HeYuefu is full of design details for culture, health, and nature everywhere. Firstly, in terms of outdoor environment, over 40 types of trees, shrubs, and plants are carefully selected in the entire community, creating a natural micro ecological system unique to Qingtie Heyuefu in the city, fully integrating the ecological environment of the large Zhangcun River, mountains, and valleys, and integrating with nature and humanity.
【 Landscape renderings 】 Traditional offshore residential buildings are greatly affected by the monsoon, often resulting in high winter wind speeds and poor ventilation in summer. Since the planning and layout stage of the Qingtie Heyuefu projects, they have carefully created a comfortable wind environment for the site, fully utilizing the simulation results of outdoor wind environment to optimize the architectural layout in the site, and combining landscape configuration, building form and other aspects to create a comfortable community environment for the site wind field, thereby achieving good ventilation conditions for the site during the transition season of summer and winter when the wind speed is not high.
【 Site wind environment simulation (Winter), (transition season, Summer) 】
● Coexistence with family Smart and comfortable whole family health scene
In terms of indoor decoration materials, which everyone is most concerned about, Qingtie Heyuefu have achieved source control of pollution from decoration materials. Fine control the specific content of various pollutants such as formaldehyde and VOC in materials such as flooring and coatings, and strictly control the health performance of interior materials from the source. 【 Indoor renderings 】
The strong alliance between Qingtie, Heyuefu, and Huawei Sma

Qingdao Qingtie Junxiu Real Estate Co., Ltd. China Academy of Building Research Co., Ltd. GuangZhou City Construction & Development Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Qingtie Junxiu Real Estate Co., Ltd. is a cooperative enterprise of Qingdao Metro and Yuexiu Real Estate, which jointly developed Laoshan Heyuefu projects. [Qingdao Metro] Adhering to the concept of "building a subway for the city, building a subway for the people", fully matching the urban development strategy, focusing on the "36 Five" strategy and "1+6" target system, and oriented by practical achievements, Qingdao has contributed its metro power to accelerate the construction of a modern socialist international metropolis in the new era. In the past 10 years since its construction, Qingdao Metro has developed and shared beauty with the city, created the fastest metro construction city, achieved the development leap of "from building urban metro to building metro city", awakened the city's business card with the slogan of "Happiness", and will continue to assume the development responsibility of Qingdao in the future and continuously inject vitality into the city. [Yuexiu Real Estate] As a powerful state-owned enterprise with national layout, sales in the first half of 2023 ranked top 13 in the industry, and in the sales performance list in 2022, Yuexiu Real Estate is the only enterprise in the top 20 real estate enterprises to achieve positive performance growth. Behind the data is the customer's trust in Yuexiu Real Estate's "state-owned enterprise strength". Because of the strong support of Yuexiu Group, Yuexiu Real Estate has achieved contrarian growth and steady development with four firsts since its establishment in recent years under the situation of industry fusion. With the changes in the real estate industry, the development projects of state-owned enterprises with strong financial strength have become the first choice for more and more people to buy houses. From this dimension, Yuexiu Real Estate, as a "national" brand, has more obvious advantages.
China Academy of Building Research Co., Ltd., founded in 1953, formerly affiliated to the Ministry of Construction, was transformed from a scientific research institution to a science and technology enterprise on October 1, 2000. It is the largest comprehensive research and development institution in China's construction industry. China Academy of Building Research has always taken promoting the scientific and technological progress of the construction of China as its mission, facing the construction of the whole country, taking architectural engineering as its main research object, and focusing on applied research and development research, and is committed to solving the key technical problems in the construction of China. To be responsible for the compilation and management of major engineering construction technical standards and specifications; Strive to serve the development of the construction cause. At present, the China Academy of Building Science has 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 national master of design, 73 experts approved by The State Council to enjoy special government subsidies, 9 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions at the national level, 1 national candidate for the Millions of talents project, 19 doctoral supervisors and 57 master supervisors.
GuangZhou City Construction & Development Design Institute Co., Ltd. was established in 1983 as a state-owned enterprise in Guangzhou and a member of Yuexiu Real Estate under Yuexiu Group. It now has the first business division, the second business division, the third business division, the Environmental Art Division, the Installation Art Division and the EPC management Department. Professional scope includes urban and rural planning, architecture, structure, mechanical and electrical, decoration, landscape, geotechnical and consulting.

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