IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

No doctrine

by Yu Lihua

Project Description

Since childhood, we have felt the conflict between ourselves and the world, perceived the rupture between ourselves and everything in the universe, and we long to return to completeness and soundness, so we imagine ways to protect ourselves against the "infinite". Among them, the windows are our eyes, the walls and ceilings are the source of our sense of security, and the furniture and decoration are our beliefs and fantasies. They are our most personal art.The entrance plays the role of introducing the subsequent space, which determines the first impression of the enterer on the entire interior space. Obviously a physical turning point, but it is also psychological, and it will lead to memories of the indoor and outdoor environment, as well as the psychological expectations based on this memory. Therefore, the entrance has its important significance in psychology. Designed from the outside to the inside, the design is designed from the inside out at the same time, creating the necessary tension will make the entrance more attractive.In addition to the plane space of people's habitual activities, the tension generated by the upper and lower space exists at the longitudinal poles of the house, and this tension is pulled by the stairs, and it is the spatial changes up and down that make our imagination go somewhere. When going upstairs or downstairs, the change of perspective brought by this will leave the conventional horizontal plane.As we walk towards the upper part. The indoor scene around us will also change, different things will enter our focus, and the things below will gradually fade. Our relationship with the occupants is also changing, and you will look at them from a novel point of view, such as the frills of a short skirt, the top of a person's head.People who are also standing on a certain floor will see a similar picture when they observe us going up and down the stairs. The staircase at this time is a wonderful theater, and in most cases, we designers prefer to design the staircase with dramatic grandeur.The smaller space makes people feel comfortable, as comfortable as a bird lying in a nest.In the relationship between people and spatial scale, the first factor people consider is themselves, first hint at themselves, for this functional area should have what kind of volume, the body's feelings feedback to the brain, it seems that this should be like that, then it should be like this, but whether this is also the bias of our body."Only in the wilderness, cats are like cats" The open indoor space is like a wide outdoor environment, which makes people physically and emotionally release.
Nowadays, modernism and decorativeism seem to have stood on opposite sides, and many designers who are good at modernism seem to be standing on the opposite side of decorativeism, believing that decorative design is complicated, cumbersome, and meaningless.It seems that the development of design civilization is inversely proportional to the popularity of decoration, just like the prisoners in prisons, eighty percent of them have tattoos. But decorative elements can be seen even in the works of many modernist masters.When we decide to set a focal point in a space, such as a fireplace or a cluster of lights, the surrounding space and isolation are in a pleasant and free arrangement, but people's attention is always pulled back to this focus.If I had designed your home to be practical, you would have thanked me, just as you would have appreciated a railway engineer or a taxi driver. Then, and that's all, I didn't impress you from the bottom of my heart. Suppose the walls around you can be a beautiful metaphor, you are touched, you feel my intention. The project was completed in March 2021.The project is located in Shanghuai Boyue Mansion, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, with a design area of 140 square meters.
Project Address / Shanghuai Boyue House
Main Design / Go Design Office
Design Area / 140m²
Project Completion / 2021.3

Yu Lihua

Go Design Office Design Director; He has been engaged in the interior design industry for more than 10 years, and has unique insights into space, color and lifestyle. It does not deliberately create a style, does not excessively advocate aesthetics, and advocates that all scales of the house vary from person to person.
Past honors:
Silver Award in 2018 Shichao Cup Design Competition; 2019 Golden Hall Award finalist "Pure Heart"; The fifth Longcheng Award Design Award in 2020; 2020 Asia Pacific Space Design Annual selection as the most influential designer; 2021-2022 Aiding International Design Award residential Space Silver Award; The 2022 Taiwan Golden Mansion Award“No doctrine”; 2023 Spain AMA International Architectural Design Award Double silver prize

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