IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Close to the True Needs of People

by Yubo, Yao ;Jun, Chen

Project Description

Located in Yubei District, Chongqing, this Case involves a new house renovated in consideration of the daily life and good wishes of a family of three. The space of the house does not stress style, ceremony or artistic techniques too much. Via the communication with the users, the Case analyzes their living habits and makes the space closer to their real life. The parents of the family are university music professors and they have a lovely baby. With insufficient budget, the owner requests separately setting up a multi-functional room that acts as a study and a piano room at the same time, expanding the originally narrow bathroom, adding a locker room, and integrating the balcony into the living room to expand their activity area.
The owner also requests removing the front retaining wall of the fully enclosed miscellaneous room on the left of the original entrance, replacing it with solid glass bricks, and merging this space with the multi-functional room, which not only ensures the privacy of the multi-functional room but also solve the problem of poor lighting at the entrance. The main bathroom space extends to the hallway of the kid's bedroom, expanding the area and improving the unreasonable layout of the bedroom hallway. The external balcony and living room are connected by extending curved beams to balance the height difference between the inside and outside.
Considering the warmth of the family and the safety of the child, the designer has chosen mild warm colors to cover the space, and the natural wood flooring uses renewable wood with constant temperature throughout the year. The soft decoration paired with gentle colors conveys softness, comfort and a sense of safety. Moreover, a fresh air system is adopted to improve indoor air quality.

Yubo, Yao ;Jun, Chen

Yubo, Yao
Chongqing Sanyehui Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. Founder
Raymain Design Founder
Jun, Chen
Chongqing Sanyehui Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. Co-founder
Raymain Design Co-founder

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