IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Magic Pocket


Project Description

This case takes the white space as the main body, in a pure white to the extreme space, lies in the soft installed design ratio and the use of color to have the courage and the control, therefore from the color saturation, our bold use of complementary and contrasting colors in the display, the choice of the current more interesting, there is a design attitude of jewelry as decoration, everything is just right; all the furnishings are necessities of life, the harmonious combination of usability and aesthetics creates a warm and lively space; returning to the beginning of the owner's favorite Doraemon figurine as a display of the entire design, with magical white pockets, contains a lot of color, let the owner live in the color space, home has a kind of art and color happy psychological feeling!


Post-80s interior designer, 18 years of experience, good at interior space design and soft design awards: 2023 she designed the most beautiful space of the Year Award 2023 Fashion Color Design Award 2023 Soft Long Cheng Award 2023 Golden Hall Award 40under40 outstanding young designers, provincial list, aIIDA AWARD 2022 Gold AWARD-china Baijie Space Design Award 2021 CIID Design Award

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