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2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Beiyang Artificial Intelligence Town – Embrace the temperature of the home, a new benchmark for quality rental

by Shanghai one mast architectural design consulting Co., LTD

Project Description

As a kind of consumption scene, sales space, due to its continuous iteration of positioning, has evolved from a pure sales function into a multi-functional living experience museum, and "to the sales office" has become the current trend. In terms of scene construction and functional layout, our company pays attention to the creation and presentation of user experience, superimposes art scenes and interactive situations, forms a complete sales space, transmits the brand concept of the project and the requirements for quality of life, and creates a unique space that belongs to it.
In the process of project development, the greatest significance is not to design the space itself, but to transform the original atmosphere and overall appearance of the space by integrating different elements in the space. It integrates a variety of diversified space modules such as cultural and creative plates, fashion blocks, fitness places, and children's world, and moves public functions within the radius of life into it, constantly narrowing the distance between people.
Creative ideas in the form of "reading rabbit" story. Reading rabbit is a small rabbit from reading planet, on their planet, everyone eats coffee and reads for pleasure, is a super time and space planet filled with coffee fragrance. They are good at making delicious coffee and snacks, and their coffee extracted from ancient plants in ancient times has a special magic that makes people happy. Large floor-to-ceiling Windows incorporate the outdoor view into the interior space, providing an open and pleasant space for visitors to come here. The bar constructed of red brick and the LED transform screen with a full sense of technology echo each other, forming a subtle sense of field. The aroma of coffee awakens the visitors' sense of smell and taste buds, which is a unique experience given by the space. Under the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, a natural interaction between people, people and space is established, and the boundary is truly broken.
This beautiful blue planet let it linger, love to read the rabbit bought a lot of books, to understand the story of the blue planet, left a huge shopping list. Line and surface light and shadow constantly echo in the stagger, integrating space and light into a whole. The bright magnetic field of color is the beautiful veil of this dream. The floor of the reception hall is made of dark stone tiles, which form a strong visual conflict with the wall, making the whole space more hierarchical.
In order to maintain permanent contact with the earth, the rabbits who are obsessed with the Earth use their super powers to build a mysterious platform for communication on the earth, which can use brain waves to interact with the planet and perceive the charm of the planet's beautiful life.
The superposition of yellow and light and shadow colors is used in a large area of the area, providing visitors with countless inspirations. The sales office is no longer just a sales scene, but also becomes an emotional space for transmitting life and connecting communication. Creating an open, shared and interactive place is a way of thinking about future activities. A large area of glass Windows let the sunlight fully into the interior, and the light wood color of the wall against each other, every detail of the space, no one can feel the natural vitality of life. Easy to move, acrylic characters and wood color and cement in the soft light band organization stretches out the open space artistic conception. It creates an exchange space suitable for sitting and staying, and an elegant and moist field.
. 02#
Children are always full of infinite curiosity about the world, and in this geometric space, the design hopes to compose a unique nursery rhyme by connecting the infinite imagination of children born for art.
The children's activity area on the second floor adopts the theme form of an amusement park, laying the foundation for this space with the ubiquitous arc design and large-area plush package. With elements such as slides, rock climbing, rabbit ear seats, etc., the unique childlike taste of this space is conveyed.
The graphics inspired by the traditional gym are laid on the PVC floor to better distinguish the different functional areas, and the inspirational glowing slogans are also attracting positive people to create a capable and bright atmosphere. By combining the simple and pure mixed concrete varnish with the green plants in the space, the vibrant green continues to penetrate into the building, introducing nature into people's living space, and making it transparent and natural.

Shanghai one mast architectural design consulting Co., LTD

Shanghai Yihao Architectural Design Consulting Co., LTD. (HAD). By 2017, it was officially registered as an architectural and decoration and soft decoration design unit. Undertake all kinds of architectural design and transformation, interior hardcover design, and soft cover design custom procurement fabric field integration work. Our company has a senior team, there are professional personnel, mainly divided into construction department, interior design department, soft decoration design department. Since 2017, the annual output value has increased significantly every year. For a long time, the company has been adhering to the rigorous, professional and mindful work attitude, and innovative, practical and economic design principles. Committed to being an advocate for urban renewal and lifestyle. For the renovation design of stock assets, focus on rental housing and urban renewal projects, not only to create space for use, but also to explore innovative solutions for urban renewal and development and the reuse of stock assets in the city. Tailored to meet the occupants' premium experience, comfort and diversity of lifestyle. In recent years, with the more extensive business, there are also many good works in the hard installation design and soft installation landing of the model room sales office of commercial housing.
The cooperative developers include Xuhui, Alibaba, Bright Real Estate, Pymillay Group, CCB CCB, West Group, Xin Qiaogao, China Resources Land and so on. And Capital, Poly, Caohejing Development Co., LTD., China International Trade Real Estate, Construction Bank and other state-owned enterprises have close projects.

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