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International Design Pioneer Award

The first half comes from earthly things, and the second half comes from poetry athe second half comes from poetry and leisure

by Li Lv(Haiqi Lv)

Project Description

The first half comes from earthly things, and the second half comes from poetry and leisure.
Address: Vanke Emerald Riverside, Nanjing
Design to Completion: spring 2023 to autumn 2023.
Project Category: Full Case Design and the delivery
Project area: 190㎡
Design style: simple and natural
The hostess' surname is Leng, which means cold, but she is a warm heroine. She is talented in literature and art. She writes Kunqu Opera scripts, has a good aesthetic, and has good calligraphy skills. I’m also a fan of her novels. Additionally, the male host is an expert in his field. As a CEO, he founded a company that trains entrepreneurs. They have a daughter who is an excellent painter and programmer. This family is well-built and intelligent. It was a pleasure to meet the hostess, and we got along well. A spark of inspiration was created when ideas collided! In terms of interior decoration, they naturally hold a unique perspective, in which the first half of life is based on earthly things, and the second half on poetry and leisure. Family members can interact warmly in a home that is elegant and ethereal, allowing comfortable and joyful feelings. To create a light and simple living room atmosphere, the designer modified the hard frame slightly to use textures, wood colors, and earth tones. Additionally, the designer cleverly weakened the original beams and columns by extending the wall in an arc shape, which was inspired by the water element. As a visual highlight of the space, the stainless steel water ripple painting table creates an artistic atmosphere.
Increasingly complex interactions exhaust us in today's busy world. Fortunately, we have home. Home is a harbor. Surely it's a modern natural style if the entire harbor is so eye-catching. It is the warm, healing, simple and natural style he prefers rather than the mysterious, cold industrial style. Throughout the day, people are subjected to a lot of stress, so at night they return home eager to escape into a gentle land. Warm cloud colors beckon them, and their whole person sighs for comfort and relaxation in a comfortable sofa, embraced in softness and surrounded by comfort.
It is located on the second floor of a building with inadequate lighting. The view outside the window surprised me when I started the design since it was quiet, natural, and full of greenery. As a result of the large floor-to-ceiling windows, the owner immediately made the decision to remove the sliding door from the balcony and open it up to the view. Expanded living room space and balcony space were incorporated into the design, making the entire area more transparent and open.
As a reflection of the owner's lifestyle, a high-top bar has replaced the traditional dining table in the restaurant. Owners often socialize, they dine at home with one or two people, and on weekends the entire family may gather for dinner at his club. It is the owner's favorite tea table and painting table, where he writes calligraphy alone, paints alone, or enjoys chatting and drinking tea with friends as bamboo shadows whirl and orchids perfume the air. This is the reflection of a comfortable life. Bamboo is an ancient literary feeling that has been unchanged from ancient times until today. It is better to eat without meat than live without it.
In the original design, there was not enough space in the master bedroom. As part of the open dressing room renovation, we removed the partition wall and replaced it with cabinet doors. It uses water-corrugated glass, which looks high-end and exquisite, creating a much more open appearance. The customer was very satisfied with the results, and the neighbors came by to explore. We are grateful for giving her the home she has always wanted!
I have called my industry "space magician" since the moment I entered the field.
No matter the foundation of a house, it transforms in our hands when it is designed. Our existence as "space magicians" comes from the joy of watching the cold houses transform from cocoons to butterflies by our joint efforts with the owners.

Li Lv(Haiqi Lv)

Painting has been a passion of his since childhood, and he has studied under famous artists. During the past 20 years, he has been focusing on the aesthetic design of residential spaces. He graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Nanjing Normal University and is currently a senior designer of JADEITE Decoration. A list of the top10 renovation designers for the TV show "Old House Rebirth" in 2023; Long-term special guest of Nanjing Channel 18 TV program "Punctuation Home Decoration"; Special guest of Jiangsu Channel TV program "Perfect Space"; Member of Beijing Shengnuo Jiacheng Soft Furnishing Training Course R&D Team; Soft decoration color consultant for "ID+C Interior Design and Decoration" magazine; Registered designer of the Architectural Society of China, Institute of Interior Design (IID-ASC); Several of my designs have appeared on influential television, newspapers, magazines, and websites in the industry, such as Jiangsu TV City Channel, D-life magazine,, HOUSE365 website,, etc.

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