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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Yue-style Red Cotton · Impressions of Lingnan

by Oscar Au

Project Description

The design of this project aims to create a modern and innovative Cantonese cuisine restaurant, with a total area of 2550 square meters located in the core cylinder of the 7th floor of the Zhonghua Plaza in Guangzhou. The space is characterized by large and numerous structural pillars, and a winding and irregular layout which presents certain limitations to its functionality and use. In response, the designer has adopted a design approach that is in harmony with the spatial context, and employs a fusion of Guangzhou and modern cultural elements, with a relaxed and interesting tone that creates a multi-level and ordered space. By breaking away from the limitations of the site, the design takes advantage of the spatial features and creates a unique dining experience that embodies the brand image of being the first Cantonese cuisine restaurant in Guangzhou.
The restaurant is committed to expressing the modern and international aspects of its culinary creations, while also conveying the brand's image of being the first in Guangzhou. The designer has interpreted the brand's identity and created a dining space that integrates with it seamlessly. According to the design requirements of the project, the Cantonese cuisine series is based on traditional culture, using an artistic and abstract design language and an adaptive design approach that creates a unique atmosphere and dining experience that is distinct from other traditional Chinese restaurants, bringing the "Cantonese-style boundary-less" concept to life.

Oscar Au

OSD GROUP Total design Focus on catering design and commercial space more than ten years, with its own profound design accumulation, and keen diverse artistic touch and broad international vision, dig into the connotation of culture and life, with open and perceptual technique to design for space personality and soul, from the concept to deepen the project implementation, between design, art and space, emotional focus on creative experiment, research on the role of planning, space design, management relationship and solutions.

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