IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Yinguang Mountain Tea Room Space

by LiHaiBo

Project Description

Yinguang Mountain Tea Room Space; We hope that contemporary urbanites can stay here, away from the hustle and bustle of the city In a simple and natural state, pick up your true heart; Enjoy a simple and slow paced life; Step by step, scenery to the extreme, flowers and grass, seasonal rotation, returning to a leisurely life; A cup of tea, not only for work, but also for life; A cup of tea in the mountain room, with a calm mind observing all things; Stay away from fame and fortune, live a poetic life in everyday life, and leisurely watch the clouds roll and disperse. The design style of this case; The design of the Yingguang Mountain House inherits the architectural aesthetics of the Tang and Song dynasties, admires the beauty of the East, and integrates the elegant charm of Huizhou architecture in the Jiangnan region. Combining contemporary structural art techniques, both inheritance and innovation are necessary; The space is winding and secluded, with intersecting lanes and alleys, where pine and stones prolong the year, autumn mountains and mangroves, and clear springs and streams converge; Preface to the foyer ceremony. Arch of wooden architecture eaves, inch by inch, have rules and regulations, and show the beauty of ancient architecture everywhere; Integrating the thousands of years old Chinese lifestyle culture into the present, it has become an intentional symbol of Eastern architecture.


Founder/Creative Design Director of Shanghai Yijiu Space; New International Innovation Design Center - Co founding member, EC Ministry of Industry and Information Technology - Registered Senior Interior Designer; ICDA International Architectural Decoration Design Association - Registered Senior Designer; APDC Asia Pacific International Designer Center - Certified Member; APDC Asia Pacific International Designer Center - Registered Interior Design (Advanced) ;
Graduated from the Department of Art and Design, Changjiang School of Art and Design, Shantou University. I have been engaged in the field of design for over 20 years and have led multiple different types of design projects in various regions, covering major cities in China. The types of design projects include corporate office buildings, model houses, sales centers and clubs, branded stores, and private luxury homes. The interpretation of space originates from international, contemporary thinking, localized research, and the inheritance of craftsmanship spirit, which is reflected in the lifecycle of each work, hoping to leave a lasting spiritual space for the city and people.
2024- Golden Design AWAEDS - GD Golden Palace Design Award 2023- IDEA Tops - Et Prize International Space Design Competition - Catering Space Design - Top 10 Cities; 2023- APSDA Asia Pacific Space Design Annual Selection of Top Ten Star Designers; 2023- KOHLER Residential Design Style Ranking Annual Creative Design Figures; 2023- The Truth of Design - Real Gold Designer of the Year; 2023- JTA Benchmark Design NEW100; 2022- New Design List - Chinese Innovative Designers - Model Houses; - Annual Works of Innovative Design

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