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International Design Pioneer Award

Haier (Wuxi) iot ecological network demonstration base


Project Description

Background | location conditions.
Haier (Wuxi) iot Ecological Network Demonstration Base project was jointly initiated by Haier Group and Xiaoyi iot Technology (Beijing) Co., LTD. The project land is located in Xinan area, Xinwu District, Wuxi. East of Linghu Avenue, north of Gaolang Road, about 3 kilometers away from Wuxi New District station, the future long-term planning of the transportation rail line 8 along Jinghui East Road through the whole park, the traffic is very convenient.
Background | architectural scheme.
The project is located in the Xin 'an area of Wuxi High-tech Zone (Xinwu District). Strive to change the spatial layout with the change of the river landscape, the layout is flexible and fully consider the topographic factors, and maximize the environmental benefits. In the spatial form of the formation of high and low scattered skyline, to create a complete atmosphere of ecological city space. The environment of the park is mainly ecological greening, and the landscape water system is effectively organized. The overall planning structure shows the ecological theme and highlights the characteristics of its open structure.
Concepts | Goals.
Immerse in a journey of Wuxi science and technology development Through · Different Wuxi science and technology development time and space [A new landmark] : Make it a science and technology culture park shared by citizens, and create a unique benchmarking of Wuxi's smart innovation production area.
[A connection] : Establish the spatial connection between the city and human scale, establish the ecological connection between the city and nature, and establish the traffic connection between the center and the surrounding area.
[New model] : Appellations are not just appellations, parks are not just parks, they are ecological cores, urban focal points, an interpretation of the history of science and technology, and new forms of architecture and landscape that are not independent but mutually integrated.
Concept | Concept deduction. Shaping multi-level space/building grows in landscape/landscape comes from architecture. Interactive landscape model/emotional landscape exposition/experience future landscape space. Changing landscape interface/moving! Funny! / You never know...
Overall design | design concept.
Theme · Welcome to Pinguan iot Industrial Park.
Recalling the past and Fuelling the present, exploring the mystery of Cloud Valley, exploring the "future city".
Rooted in the cultural concept of "landscape city", the introduction of the latest ecological technology means, with modern cutting-edge design techniques to show the international first-class aesthetic, pay attention to the creation of public space, and create a humanistic, green, scientific and technological "city of the future".
Recall → conversions → cloud bearing → photosynthesis, the "future city" in the exploration of Cloud Valley; About "Cloud" and "Exploration" "Cloud" is the mountain haze of summer and summer rain, she connects mountains, valleys, forests and springs; "Cloud" is a metaphor for network, Internet, which connects technology and life; "Cloud" will also be the main element of the site, connecting you, me and him, connecting the future......
"Exploration" is the exploration of landscape, the exploration of cutting-edge technology. When "exploration" collides with "cloud", what we want to express is not only an exploratory practice of the contemporary "landscape city" and return to nature, but also the tireless spirit of the future. At Yungu, we are at the forefront of science and technology together, and we are constantly exploring the future........
Overall design | design concept.
Rock · Rock reflects the historical polishing of Wuxi culture.
Primitive mountain form: Landscape city forest melt Wuxi, rich primitive forest, create a hundred li old mountain ecological city in the mountains. The natural form of the mountain is applied to the design site to create an ecological and integrated landscape design.
Qu Shui · Qu Shui fully shows the winding and lingering landscape vein Wuxi's water culture has been running through the veins of the whole city since ancient times, extracting all kinds of soft lines of water, and applying them to the entire landscape layout through transformation and absorption.
The science and technology brain of the health park: "science and technology" is not the cool of high intelligence, but through scientific and technological means to let the residents truly feel the beauty and convenience brought by science and technology, and through technology to build the interaction and contact between people and people, people and the community. The park that knows the heating and cooling: Through the measurement of the community's 24-hour heat index and wind index, the comfort index of the whole area is monitored by big data, and employees can find the most suitable outdoor activity venue using the community APP. Under the epidemic situation, it is wise to find the site that is not dense and has the best ventilation.
Intelligent security control: The whole region is intelligent, the whole region is safe, and the "smart production area" property cloud control reduces the hard work of volunteers in the production area, and the mobile health code makes the travel of the production area worry free.
Overall design | entrance design.
The entrance is an image and gateway of the whole park, just like a ray of sunshine slowly opening from the door. This ray of light represents the "light of the enterprise" and is the "axis of light" running through the park. The design is to refine this ray of light, and the method of "psychological suggestion" is used to gather the streamline of the center and guide people to gather in the center.
The microcosm of waterfront Wharf culture: it has a landmark and unique park entrance image, tracing the source of historical science and technology, the broken line logo wall, the collision of mirror and pure white stone, full of science and technology, the steps are engraved with the city history of Wuxi, giving people the emotional experience of the landscape tracing the history of Wuxi step by step. Miscanthus with grass flowers, on the basis of ecology to create meaning Border.
The existence of water: Wuxi is "born by water and prospers by water." The dock culture of Wuxi has penetrated into the heart of every Wuxi people. By splicing wood and stone steps, the waterfront platform gives people more visual collision on landscape materials. Dock cultural sculptures are placed on the platform, making the whole area a microcosm of Wuxi dock culture.
Overall design | textile square design.
Recall nostalgia: The textile industry runs through the ancient and modern development of Wuxi. Through the abstract extraction of weaving lines, a landscape sketch with a strong sense of line and visual impact is created. During the day, spray interaction can be carried out, and at night, light and shadow imaging can be achieved through holographic technology, which can show the whole process of Wuxi textile culture. Allow people to have interactive experiences at different times throughout the day.
Overall design | Celebrity/integrated circuit and video gallery design.
Around the original road of the Science and Technology Park, a cultural corridor representing Wuxi celebrities is set up with curves as the main landscape frame. The inclined wall is used as the main frame, the color and texture of weathering steel are used to create visual collision, and the historical splendor of Wuxi academicians and Wuxi celebrities is recorded in the form of hollowed-out. The film and television industry in Wuxi is one of the main driving forces for the development of science and technology in Wuxi. We take film as the representative product of film and television culture, extract its main form, and develop a spirit sculpture through evolution, and show the development process of Wuxi's film and television culture in the corridor. Integrated circuit is a representative industry of the development of modern science and technology in Wuxi. The zigzag wooden plank platform creates a very scenic recreation area for employees/visitors in the production area. The vision here is wide, and the combination of integrated circuit landscape wall and grass allows people to learn more about the culture and content of contemporary emerging industries after leisure. The landscape wall in the form of timeline landscape is arranged along the line to display the ancient, present and future of film and television culture.
Overall design | cloud and forest design.
Yunsheng Chenglan Valley · Interesting landscape installation constitutes the topic of communication, the convenience brought by scientific and technological innovation, and become a trendsetter at the forefront of The Times; Changing landscape interface combined with humanized design.
Cloud is the mountain haze of new rain in summer and summer, she links mountains, valleys, forests, springs, "cloud" is a metaphor for the network, the Internet, she connects science and technology and life, "cloud" will also be the main element of the site, connecting you, me, him, modern and future... Cloud and Forest: Under the basic principle of not destroying the original land, the pine trees around the hillside are used, and the height difference of the hillside of the plot is modified by the design method of low wall. There is a futuristic landscape structure in the center of the site, through the future look at the clouds through the trees, breathe the vegetation, explore the clouds, and sow the seeds of creativity. Clouds and Valleys: Walk in the valleys and pick up clouds. The block is surrounded by high terrain and buildings. In the design idea, a bold attempt is made to sink the central grassland two grass steps to form the lowest terrain of the whole site, forming a "valley".
Through landscape elements to improve the recognition of space, so as to give visitors to different space "exploration" experience.
Cloud and mountain: the slope buildings remind us of the mountains in nature, they represent the climbing process of science and technology, with irregular grass steps as "the road to the mountain", so that people have different experiences of the hardships of science and technology in the climbing experience, reaching the top of the mountain is to usher in the open scenery of the boundless roof. Cloud and Spring: The spring represents hope and continuous enterprise development. There is a dry spray square at the second entrance of the main building, which improves the interest and interaction of the whole site and emphasizes the landmark of the entrance of the site. At night, combined with holographic projection technology, Showcase future technology.
Overall design | Celebrity/park square design.
Light is a symbol of the light of the enterprise, corporate spirit and culture; Different forms of light: refracted light, northern lights, light spots; Two rays of light transmit each other's spirit of enterprise. The door of the future: Through the extraction of the form of light, the paving at the main and secondary entrances is mainly in the form of broken lines. The light symbolizes the light of the enterprise and the spirit and culture of the enterprise, and the light also symbolizes the attitude of the park's opening and welcoming to the outside world. The two rays of light transmit the spirit of enterprise to each other, connect with each other and grow each other.
The entrance square of the restaurant combines the folding paving to do more internal space transformation, and the inclined tree pool seat meets the choice of more different scenes in the square.
Overall design | sponge city design
Make plants and materials become the main character of the garden, combined with the rain garden design concept in the green space, set the concave terrain combined with the warm stone goose to form a natural drainage channel, in addition to the function of rain storage, some areas through the landscape stone and perennial flowers, ornamental grass fine planting, but also has a full of artistic appreciation value, making it a beautiful landscape in the green space. Rain garden plants can tolerate both flooding and drought, and have both ornamental and purifying ability. Overall design | plant design Native plant design: This plant configuration is ready to create three seasons of flowers, four seasons of evergreen landscape effect, each season has its own characteristics of ecological landscape, spring to appreciate cherry, summer to appreciate crape myrcra, autumn to appreciate beech, winter to appreciate wintersweet. So that people at all times in the park are "can see", "can travel", "can enjoy". The arrangement of plants follows the principle of suitable place and suitable tree, mainly selecting native varieties and appropriately matching characteristic varieties. In transportation, maintenance to reduce costs, but also to ensure the survival rate and growth of plants, to achieve better landscape effect. In accordance with Different functional requirements of reasonable collocation of plants, considering the changes of plant leaf and flower phase, so that the landscape space is rich and changeable.


Founder of Seal Design Firm Entrepreneurship Tutor of Hangzhou Normal University;
President of Zhejiang Shanshui Design Group Comprehensive Second Institute;
Chen Yinwen established the Inscription Design Firm in 2018. Inscription Design Firm is an architectural firm that focuses on local contemporary architecture as its main research direction, adheres to the foundation of creativity, and ensures the best implementation. With the heart of craftsmanship and the pursuit of daily skills, it manages the beauty of design, embodies complexity in simplicity, refines in moderation, and creates art.
The projects of Yinwen Design Firm are rich and diverse, with design types ranging from urban planning, architectural design, landscape architecture design, decoration design to municipal, lighting, exhibition and public art, cultural and creative design, and EPC general contracting. Several of these projects have received high praise from provincial and municipal leaders, and have been reported on multiple occasions by CCTV and other television stations. In 2022, the Zhejiang Landscape Design and Construction Industry Association awarded an honorary member to the Seal Design Firm and was invited to give a lecture at the Zhejiang Landscape Design and Construction Industry Association, Chen Yinwen said, "Art cannot change the world, but it can change life. We should adhere to the design attitude of placing equal emphasis on methods and processes, and parallel research and experiments. We should explore in experiments and innovate in research. We should focus on doing every design well and completing every work with our heart.
2023 American AIIDA International Innovative Design Award Cultural Architecture Gold Award; TOP50 International Influential Innovative Designer of the Year, AIIDA International Innovative Design Award, USA, 2023;
Star Award of China International Innovative Design Works Competition -- Award name: Grand Prize of China International Innovative Design Works Competition 2023-2024 (Fujingshan Cemetery, Landscape Design category);
China Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair work: Yin Yin Song Garden Garden landscape gold medal; 2023-2024 Asia Pacific Chinese Design Invitational Competition (Huateng Award) work: Geometric public toilet gold Medal;
Asia Pacific Chinese Design Competition Gold Award (Yin Yin Song Garden Landscape, Landscape Design category);
International member of China Europe International Design Association CEIDA China building Decoration Association expert member.

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