IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Parallel spacetime

by Hebei Puteng Culture Media Co.Ltd

Project Description

This is an immersive art space with "Parallel Spacetime" as the theme. By deconstructing commercial art, this design skillfully merges brand labs with the luxury of a sunken high-end retail space. Here, high-tech, art, and fashion seamlessly coalesce, giving rise to a fresh lifestyle trend. SKP-S keeps pushing the boundaries of traditional retail, continually producing a series of spatial designs that go beyond the ordinary. In Beijing, SKP-S has created an artistic space themed on "Walking on Mars", transforming shopping into an immersive exploration journey that appeals to the emerging consumption force. In Xi'an, it has adopted a phenomenal aesthetic approach themed around "Rebirth", redefining traditional retail with a fusion of high-tech, art, and fashion. Following this innovative path, the SKP-S in Chengdu has created "Parallel Spacetime", a utopian world that unlocks infinite possibilities for the brand. This endeavor unveils an experimental, immersive department store that revolutionizes the very essence of contemporary shopping. The iconic art installation, "A Space Odyssey", reimagines the classic imagery of orangutans through sculpturing, animated by cutting-edge bionic machinery and dynamic simulations. The incorporation of mechanical motion devices further evokes a futuristic ambience.
Another highlight of this project is the art installation, Mutualism. The magic of advanced technology breathes new life into the once withered Populus euphratica, reawakening the ancient beauty in a novel manifestation. Here, digitization is elevated to an art form rich with cultural significance. This interplay mirrors the essence of Mutualism, much like the confluence of various ideologies prevalent nowadays. This art installation invites passers-by to pause and ponder, inspiring deep contemplation.

Hebei Puteng Culture Media Co.Ltd

Founded in 2010, Puteng has grown into an iconic company leading the original design of immersive art space, which specializes in the art design fusing business, technology and aesthetics. With a top R&D team and production factories in China, we have developed a complete industrial chain from conceptual design, production to landing.
By integrating art creation and technological innovation into the commercial system, Puteng is able to create a brand-new world view for high-end commercial art space, film & television and many other fields, providing professional services for IP (intellectual property) landing.
Composed of the world view, concept scenarios and dynamic installations, every themed art space is elaborately designed to engage consumers in entertainment, sightseeing or exploration, and to materialize its commercial value through the scene-oriented setting.

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