IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Shougang No.1 Blast Furnace SoReal Sci-Fi Park

by Beijing Dang Hong Qi Tian International Culture & Technology Development Group Co., Ltd.

Project Description

Shougang No.1 Blast Furnace SoReal Sci-Fi Park is situated within the historic grounds of Shougan Park in Beijing City, offering visitors a digital sci-fi experience that seamlessly melds the past with the future. This immersive entertainment destination boasts a rich tapestry of intellectual property elements, featuring over 50 theme-based interactive installations, 40 distinct character roles with accompanying scripts, and an extensive library of more than 200 original stories.
Our design team has meticulously crafted a six-story freestanding structure atop a 33-meter-high framework, facilitating a virtualized environment with fluid pathways and thematic zoning. Incorporating innovative design elements such as bullet elevators, immersive lifting platforms, expansive sloping staircases, and a staggered sense of space that offers a fresh visual experience, we've created an environment that ignites visitors' curiosity and enhances their enjoyment.
Central to our project is the integration of cutting-edge technologies, including depth camera-based human action recognition, eye movement tracking, leap motion technology, and real-time computing somatosensory interaction systems. Leveraging advancements like 5G+Bluetooth AOA for real-time indoor navigation and an online queuing system supported by big data analytics, we ensure a seamless and stress-free entertainment experience for our guests.
When it comes to materials, we've carefully selected metallic and artistic paints imbued with a futuristic aesthetic. Paired with cyberpunk industrial-style heavy metal and self-leveling cement, we've created a space that seamlessly blends high-tech allure with pristine elegance. Our commitment to sustainability is evidenced through our bespoke design approach, which not only preserves the historic significance of the site but also reflects our dedication to environmentally conscious practices.

Beijing Dang Hong Qi Tian International Culture & Technology Development Group Co., Ltd.

Established in 2015, Beijing Dang Hong Qi Tian International Culture & Technology Development Group Co., Ltd., stands as a pioneering national high-tech enterprise, lauded for its distinction as a "Specialized and Special New" SME. Positioned at the vanguard of innovation, we are dedicated to redefining immersive experiences within the cultural technology sphere by integrating the XR content production + carrier R&D + digital operating solution, and product commercialization.
Under the umbrella of our flagship brand, SoReal, we are at the forefront of cultural and technological advancements. Leveraging XR technology as our cornerstone, we have forged strategic alliances with industry giants like Intel and China Mobile to deploy cutting-edge 5G edge computing solutions. Our technological prowess encompasses a diverse range of innovations, including VR interaction systems, carrier development, spatial positioning technology, 5G cloud rendering, AI integration, advanced sensor tech, and automated modeling production methods.
Embracing a forward-looking approach, we have meticulously crafted a 5G+ XR strategic framework. Our expansion spans diverse sectors, including XR+ Paradise, XR+ Technology Showcase, XR+ Light and Shadow Spectacles, XR+ Patriotism Education, XR+ Museums, XR+ E-sports, XR+ Olympics, XR+ Digital Cultural Tourism, and XR+ Emergency Response. Through unwavering dedication and strategic execution, we continually elevate the commercial potential of large-scale onsite XR experiences, seamlessly integrating XR applications into real-world scenarios.

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