IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Zhen Shi Fang

by Hangzhou Guansheng Decoration Design Co., Ltd

Project Description

Located in the 5A-grade scenic area of Nanxun — a picturesque water town in Jiangnan, this project inherits and embodies the Jiangnan water town culture through innovative design.
Considering the high ceiling of the indoor space, the designer has adopted a false second-floor design to give a more layered sense visually. This also creates an ambiance reminiscent of inns in Chinese Wuxia world, brimming with the charm of Jianghu and an antique flavor, which can free visitors from the monotony of modern spaces and offer them an immersive experience as if in a Jiangnan restaurant of ancient times.
Additionally, the wooden plaques mounted between the false second floor and the first floor correspond to four great families (Gui, Zhang, Pang, and Liu) in Nanxun, highlighting the distinct regional characteristics while guiding visitors to actively explore history and culture; the small wooden pieces below, with the names of local attractions, such as “Xiao Lian Zhuang” and “Cang Shu Lou”, further offer visitors more tour guide information.
Upon entering the restaurant, a raised platform in the central area resembles a Chinese ancient stage, serving as a focal point to attract visitors’ attention while ensuring the central pillar is more harmonious with the overall indoor space. Such a design enables dining areas of varying heights, whose combination with the architectural forms inspired by small bridges over flowing water in Jiangnan contributes to an interesting space with enhanced privacy. Furthermore, the walls of the Jiangnan style are painted with Chinese characters to make visitors feel as if in bustling streets.
Structures involving Dongyang wood carving technique, like wooden pillars, tiles, upturned eaves and bracket sets, paired with soft furnishings including traditional oilcloth lanterns, eight immortals tables, calligraphy copybooks, as well as real Chinese cured meat and salted fish, leads to a more harmonious space featuring the “hustle and bustle”, allowing visitors to authentically experience the daily life of ancient riverside dwellers while enjoying their meal.

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