IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

YuanSheng Restaurant

by Yunhai Zhao

Project Description

Traditional Chinese shadow-play techniques and modern materials are used in the front hall space to interpret a scroll depicting Nanjing City.
In the corridor, nine private rooms were designed to look like the nine different types of exterior walls that were used during the Republic of China's time, preserving the elegance and zigzagging of Nanjing Yihe Mansion Villa. In addition to welcoming people inside, the abstract structure of the building completes the interior design.
A sense of inheritance of cultural elements from the same origin and familiarity is created in each private room through nine engravings from the Republic of China era.

Yunhai Zhao

Guest Teaching Expert - School of Architecture, Southeast University; Vice President - Branch of China Building Decoration Association for Environment and Art; Jury - Huading Awards of China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair; Founder - Cloud Ocean Design Co.,Ltd(China,Singapore); Design Director - Chong Gou Zhi Wu Architect; Art Director - RONGCE MEDIA; Silver Award - A’ Design (ITALY); TOP10- GPDP AWARD (FRANCE); Silver Award - IDA AWARD (USA); Silver Award - LONDON Design Award; TOP100 - IDPA AWARD (JAPAN); Gold Award - APDC Design Award; Designer of the Year - China Design Yearbook

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