IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Yunjin Oriental Villa

by Mao Yuanyuan

Project Description

Yunjin Oriental Villa
Project Area: 686 square meters
Design style: Modern French
Designer: Mao Yuanyuan
This case is a hard and soft integrated design, with an area of 686 square meters. The purpose of the design is to create a free, romantic, slightly classical space, the overall hard design is relatively clean, the ceiling adopts French classical carving and arc-shaped elements, more through the soft dress to reflect the style and texture of the space, for the owners to create a delicate romantic, stylish and relaxed atmosphere of life.
Simple French living room overall tone is bright, emerald sofa with piping design for the space to add a classical flavor, modern simple metal tea table to make the space neat, simple; The fashionable feeling of the Maillard side chair synthesizes the tone of the main sofa, making the overall tone of the space harmonious and balanced; the beige steel tooth sofa is both the highlight of the space and very good to highlight the status of the main sofa; collocation lacquer painting screen, rich and simple patterns of branches and birds add a rich atmosphere of life, and full of the visual effect of the spatial elevation; simple French fireplace, with a strong sense of design of art installations and wall lights on both sides of the decoration, let the space become flexible and no lack of life breath; living room lamps and lanterns is the designer to choose the object that spent the longest, both the taste of French and simple, elegant, love!
Wooden design of simple lines of the door to increase the details of the facade decoration, natural stone island to increase the richness of space materials and balance the softness of the living room sofas to achieve a sense of space balance; Classic French Romantic minimalism, the designer chose elegant and simple dining chairs with a water-drop-shaped stone base table, chandeliers are the highlight of the space, full of artistic atmosphere and romantic elegant style, set against the background of the French frescoes, it creates a free, romantic and elegant dining atmosphere. As the visual center of the whole space, the background is decorated with artistic wallpaper, together with the simple stair modelling presents the romantic French which is full of the modern feeling and high style.

Mao Yuanyuan

The principal of Shanghai Zunshe Interior Design Co., Ltd., with 15 years of experience in the field, including 7 years of experience in model room and hotel design and implementation; 8 years of experience in high-end private home design and implementation. Focusing on the full design and implementation of high-end residential projects; Invited by numerous luxury homeowners and receiving high praise, the properties designed and implemented include: Cuihu Tiandi, COFCO Seaview No.1, Yunjin Oriental Villa, Xijiao Qingxi Garden, Fortune Seaview, Huafu Tiandi, Shanghaiwan Mansion, etc. Previous works won: 1. International Design Award Et Award; 2. Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Award; 3. The 6th Golden Bund Awards - Best Living Space Award; 4. The 11th Modern Decoration Media Awards - Best Model Space Award

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