IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Yu Shi Japanese Hearth Cooking Restaurant

by Hongjun Zhang

Project Description

Project name: City stove cooking
Project area: 390 square meters
Project investment: 5 million
Project orientation: 300-500 yuan per capita
Seating Capacity: 100 people
Shengye junming Shunming, a Japanese national treasure landscape designer, thinks that the courtyard is a special spiritual place and a dwelling place for the soul.
In the bustling city, people have been washed away by the fast pace of life and forgotten the spiritual relaxation brought by peace. Affected by the complexity of the city, they have forgotten the cozy and quiet of childhood. The project is located in the economic hub of Haizhu District, Guangzhou. It's on the sixth floor of the mall. The purpose of this case is to establish a courtyard environment for consumers in the store to relax their minds, so that they can get a return to the original in the bustling city. To enter the store is hidden in the city, out of the dust.

Hongjun Zhang

National Registered Interior Designer (Senior)
Interior design since 2008
Has served more than 100 catering brands and more than 1000 restaurants
Representative work:
Asakusa Pavilion Cut and Cooked
Yue Zhe Restaurant
Wen ten bamboo new school Sichuan cuisine
Xiangmei fishing village
There's a shrimp shop
He Fu Restaurant
Your mountain house

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