IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Ruijun Xiang Market Skewer

by Zhang Han

Project Description

City Well Long Lane,When gathered is fireworks, spread out is the world. The entrance is like a boundary that allows us to "dive" into the past, with signs of different sizes interspersed in different geographical areas. Every passer-by can directly see the scene inside, where every brick and tile has a heartbeat and every piece of dust has a body heat!
This is not a simple connection of points and lines, but a superimposition of different levels, where we can find the original state of the marketplace to the greatest extent possible: free, lively and unrestrained. In the days of light, we are most fascinated by the warmth and touch of the ordinary and trivial, wrapped in the world of smoke and fire.
"The Yangtze River Ropeway is a great way to see the city and the lights at night, and if you don't take the ropeway, you've come to Chongqing for nothing. It is vividly three-dimensional, even romantic and literary.
Transformation from 'marketplace' to 'cityscape'
The space on the first floor has been restored to the old buildings and alleys of the 1980s and 1990s, such as the balcony decoration and the security grilles. The transformation from 'city' to 'cityscape' has been achieved.
As you walk along the rusty fence, the "drab and ragged" Ming Stalls area serves as a testament to time, staging the minutiae of the city's fireworks and filling it with the tastes of life, where both the young and the "old Chongqing" can find their own The staircase leads up and down every street.
The staircase connects the memories of each neighbourhood's youth, with a variety of old-fashioned shops, stalls and old-fashioned signboards designed with care to recreate a lively Chongqing in the 1970s and 1980s, where we can get a glimpse of the daily habits and real life of the locals, but also inspire a yearning for the city life.
The washrooms are created with vintage red tiles and concrete, with linear lighting on the right side adding a sense of stylish ambience, in keeping with the exterior style and inspiring more sentimentality in the customers.
Project Information
Project Name | Ruijun Xiang Market Skewer
Type of Project | Dining Space
Project Style | Retro Urban
Location | Beihuan, Chongqing
Project Area | 700 sqm
Design Team | Mandela Design Centre
Main Materials | Terrazzo, concrete, stainless steel, wood

Zhang Han

Zhang Han, founder of the Mandela Design Center, has been working in catering space design for 10 years.
Founded in 2013, Mandela Design focuses on interior space design under the direction of reductionist design theory. It is a specialist enterprise with integrated construction and monitoring services.

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