IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Yintai Xanadu Sales Office, Hangzhou, China


Projet Description

The Yintai Xanadu Sales Office, Hangzhou has reappeared on the banks of the fairy lake, presenting an exquisite combination of fashion and nature against a stunning landscape - a living example of being “Not far from the City, yet close to Nature”. The interior design carries on the streamlined artistic feel of the architecture, combined with Yintai’s brand concept, revealing a spectacular, one-of-a-kind fashion show.
1F Public Area Main Fashion Show
Inside the reception area, the contrast between the construction materials, the artworks on display, and the lighting design, provide a refined sense of fashion, seeming to compose a poem of shining art. They appear as waves crashing against a ship while the crystal lamp exists in harmony with the background wall, resembling splashing drops of water.
The Sand Table Area features a spatial elevation of about 10 meters and has a futuristic, aesthetic feel. The design makes use of streamlined elements and showcases the nature of the lakeside residence on multiple levels.
The Artistic Staircase provides an important perspective for the overall spatial design. By means of the water feature at the bottom of the staircase, the stairs and the entire installation seem to float above the water. The shelves along the wall strengthen Yintai’s brand concept, drawing inspiration from fashionable boutique shops.
The Discussion and Bar Areas feature avant-garde furniture and works of art, while the enclosing screens strengthen the artistic feel of the entire space. Works presented on the bar island showcase both fashion and art.
The Children’s Play Area provides fun entertainment for a colorful experience. Borrowing from the overall tone of the space, the Children’s Play Area continues the mahogany wall and creates themed spaces such as a play area and a library area. With pretty artistic designs, arch shapes and linear stretching boards, the whole space exudes a cozy yet vibrant atmosphere.
In terms of furniture arrangement, leather, metal, marble and wood are used, set off against exquisite flowers and an abstract carpet to bring out the quality of metropolitan life, as well as the natural and cultural atmosphere of the surrounding area.
2F The Multifunctional Dining Area is a fashionable living space in tune with Nature, where guests can move freely between different activities and scenes. The dining area features a fixed-seat section and a scattered-seat section arranged in an open layout. In this way, the landscape outside the window can connect with the indoor designs, further heightening the artistic atmosphere.
The 3F VIP Area is both a transition and a combination of local culture and pioneering art. While advocating the same overall style, it exudes a feeling of residence, carrying concealed spatial lines to create an extended atmosphere through ceramics, tea, calligraphy and bamboo. VIP 1 - Ceramics. Decorated with a number of different collections, this room showcases art through ceramics. VIP 2 - Tea. A teapot design is used for the walls, creating a solid spatial effect. Square and round shapes contribute to a high quality, artistic tea space. VIP 3 - Calligraphy. Based on ink and smooth lines, the design incorporates oriental calligraphy with soft decorations, reflecting a profound cultural and literal history. VIP 4 - Bamboo. This nature-based space features a bamboo design, with a scenic screen presenting a transition that allows external light to enter, while providing an aesthetic feeling of oriental grace.


IVAN C. DESIGN LIMITED ( I.C.D.L.) was founded by renowned designer, Mr. Ivan Cheng in 2002 in Hong Kong SAR. In escalating the efficacy of the liaison throughout China, the Shanghai and Suzhou office were being set up in 2010 and 2018 respectively.
I.C.D.L. started as I DESIGN COMPANY in Hong Kong in 1996. The business expansion and development allowed it to laid its hand on a wide range of professional projects from interior to concept development, soft finishings purchase & installation, artistic consultation, and designer label product design; covering cases both at home and abroad, participating the design of top-caliber hotels, luxury apartments, to prestigious clubhouses, realty showrooms and sales offices, as well as exquisite mansions, private villa and country clubs.
With Mr. Ivan Cheng as the core persons, I.C.D.L. has indulged more than 30 years in exercising professionalism in creating classic and timeless high-quality designs. The works covered architecture, interior design, and stage design. He is determined to be innovative and depicts lodgings with gorgeous colors, and applying various creative styles. I.C.D.L. was recognized with nearly 100 local and foreign awards. These experiences have consolidated into a set of ingenious working F3 principles.
For Timeliness, we channel indefinitely to the needs of current social development; For Cultural, we incorporate the work with locality and habits in the design with marked local characteristics; For Living, we enhance joyful ambience for exploring fabulous living ahead.
I.C.D.L.has long working relations with the world's mega-international hotel groups and real estate developers, namely, Hangzhou Binjiang Group, Hilton Worldwide Holdings, Hangzhou Friendship Hotel, Poly Group, China Jinmao, COFCO, Anhui Land, Powerlong Group, Yanlord Land, Greentown Group, China Overseas, Zhongying, Xingchuang, Yintai, Tianyi Construction Group, Marriott International, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, InterContinental Hotels Group PLC(IHG), Radisson Hospitality, Tomson Group, etc.
I.C.D.L. contributions for exquisite mansions, hotel and real estate industries have constantly opened new era in design, bringing about new looks and feels in our way of living. These creative services have earned acclaims from clients. However, the indulgence in creativity has never had any sign to cease.

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