IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

We call it the “Treasure House”

by Zhang Rui

Projet Description

Project Name: Chanba Bandao
Project Type: Residential Space
Project Area: 89㎡
Chief Designer: Zhang Rui
Design Company: Monster Space Design
Completion Time: November 2022
Project Location: Xi'an, Shaanxi
Project Budget: 500,000 RMB
Before renovation:
This is the old house of the grandparents, now given to their granddaughter who returned from studying abroad to live in. The traditional Chinese style has a conventional layout, and 90 square meters is enough for one person to live in. However, compared to the lifestyle of the older generation, the post-90s clearly have their own ideas and preferences. Designer Zhang Rui has "preserved the time" of the old house, and has also incorporated fresh, free and energetic elements through the connotation of the ancient and modern, showing that there is more than one aspect to the way of life. The "multi-faceted genes" flowing within it are the treasure of a home~
After renovation:
The transformation from traditional Chinese style to a blend of ancient and modern, and the change of ownership from grandparents to granddaughter, has added a sense of inclusiveness and integration to the aesthetics. As cherished items are carefully placed around the house and various materials collide, the new metals, transparent glass, old wood, and paper lanterns evoke a sense of nostalgia and sophistication, as if the house has its own time filter. This is the charming attribute of the blend of ancient and modern style.
Living Room:
Noguchi Isamu's paper lantern, with its unique Japanese sentimentality, gently sways in the corner, reminiscent of a wish lantern released into the vast night sky. The lively atmosphere adds a touch of playfulness, and every carefully selected item has its own story to tell. This corner is a favorite, where the art of space naturally blends in and the light breaks down the "genes of freedom" within the room. The vitality of the space infects us as we gather together, watching indie films and enjoying the peace and tranquility of the moment.
Open Kitchen & Dining Room:
Selected designer chairs and dining tables, each with a unique style and meaning, gather together in this dining ceremony with a modern and open kitchen. When the new and the old "cleverly meet" here, everyday and ordinary life has a new experience. You see, when that beam of light slowly comes in, it's the moment I look forward to the most. Daily changes in light and shadow bring rich variations that fascinate and captivate, making this a place where people want to stay.
The original location of the air conditioner outdoor unit has been "incorporated" for use, with the ground raised to create this comfortable and leisurely tatami space. The best lighting meets the seasons, with a floor lamp and a book showing poetic elegance. The space describes a cozy and peaceful atmosphere in its own language, and you can do whatever you want here. It's all up to you.
Consistent with its simplicity, the sleeping area "returns" to the simple and comfortable dreamscape. There are no unnecessary decorations, but it exudes delicacy. The walnut sockets and pure copper buttons give off a vintage and sophisticated vibe. The half-waist sketch wallpaper is just the right shade, and a retractable wall lamp casts a soft light, meeting the hazy sunset outside the window. Immersed in the interweaving of light and shadow, the soft embrace gives oneself a sense of belonging.
After redesigning the bathroom layout to facilitate guest use, and moving the wall to consider the needs of the master bedroom, a special "hole" was made according to the owner's body shape. It is small and interesting. The line of sight is "cut" by the structure, framing different views from different angles, guiding people to appreciate the beauty of the space structure through multiple lines of movement.

Zhang Rui

Founder, Chief Designer, and Design Director of Xi'an Monster Decoration Design Co., Ltd. has been engaged in interior design for nearly 8 years. As an interior designer, she excels in integrating various interior design styles. As a female designer, she can be meticulous in understanding the needs of customers; in terms of design, she can better reflect the advantages of being a female designer in terms of rigorous design and color matching. As a leader of the company, she can gather excellent designers together, work towards a common goal, and control the quality of all design works.

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