IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

RK Properties- Noble Mansion Beijing

by Maudea Design Studio

Project Description

The whole space takes simple gray and white as the background, creating a modern and elegant temperament, with clever blue embellishment, forming a sharp contrast with the space base, bursting out the tension of the space, but also injecting a leap into the space, enriching the level and expression of the space.
The stone material of large area decorative pattern of the sitting room, combine all around concise and smooth line adornment and the sofa of light color tone, the embrace pillow of unique design feeling is harmonious and not heavy and complicated. Add a light and lively elegance. The balcony bay window introduces sufficient natural light, which also provides the best view for guests and looking out of the window.
The living room and the restaurant kitchen space are close, the dining space is transparent and bright, the functions are complete, and the wine cabinet and other utensils are complete, providing an excellent atmosphere for family gatherings.
The bedroom is super scale advocate bedroom, the soft outfit of navy blue collocation big bay window covers brunet leather cushion, become an elegant and comfortable corner sofa. Leisure time, sitting before the window, reading, making tea, staring in a daze, return to life the most really calm and comfortable. Second lie whole continues the tone of advocate lie, compact space area takes more private privacy, the table and chair that individual character jumps, also do not break delicate and elegant style at the same time.
The light blue small bed and warm yellow chair in the children's room add a warm atmosphere. The convenient bookshelf beside the desk is also convenient for children to arrange their plans reasonably, which is warm and comfortable in the sunshine.

Maudea Design Studio

Founded by Wally Mau in Shanghai in 2011, MAUDEA design is a diversified design experience partner design firm, committed to providing international interior, home, commercial, graphic and product design services for first-class enterprises in different industries, and has won many international design awards. MAUDEA design adheres to the rigorous design attitude of creating a connotation space full of profound cultural heritage and rich emotion. With the design concept of globalization in mind, we believe that the design is not a representation, but a reflection of the state of mind so as to express the aesthetics in a meticulous and rich way. After 10 several years of rapid development, MAUDEA design has nearly 200 team members. It has provided interior design and consulting services for more than 50 real estate groups, and has been highly recognized by Vanke, Sunac, Greenland, Jinmao, Xincheng, Xuhui, Renheng, Jindi, Zhongnan, Fuli, Zhengrong, Rongxin, Xinli, Jianfa, Midea and Lujin. In the Asia Pacific region, the firm also cooperates with world-renowned architects to create high-level and challenging cutting-edge projects.
The shepherd flute design works have won many authoritative design awards at home and abroad:SBD International Design Award, UK FX Design Award, US AMP Design Award, London Property Design Award, Italy A'DESIGNAWARD Gold Award, French GPDP AWARD International Design Award、Silver AIIDA AWARD International Innovation Design Award、Japan IDPA AWARD International Pioneer Design Award, Golden Creative International Space Design Award and other domestic and foreign design awards

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