IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

pattern year & Longhu Spring Island creek bank stacked model room

by Xiong Liang

Projet Description

Red and black is the most classic of all colour combinations. The passionate warmth of red and the immersive coolness of black elaborate the plot of the space in a collision, and with the surrounding white and grey, it also has personality and style. Bringing the whole space to life,
The result is an open and simple, yet lively meeting room. If the design portrays the space itself, then light and shadow complete the interpretation of the soul of the space. The sunlight shines through the glass facade and hits the dining table and chairs, the light and shadows changing angle over time, colouring the different mediums with different hues.
The advanced grey tones introduce a cosy atmosphere to the space, making the whole bedroom space more relaxed.
Less is more, simplicity is richness. This is the embodiment of modern living. The high level of grey introduces a cosy atmosphere to the space. The quality of the materials is highlighted by the collision of different textures and materials. The colour palette of the earth makes the whole space more harmonious, and the one-shaped space highlights the openness of the bedroom.
The space is open, clean and uncluttered. The warm colour of the woodwork parapet brings warmth into the space, and the glossy art installation brings multiple fantasies to life, creating a free and comfortable home atmosphere while pursuing the minimalism and beauty of the design.
The lighting adds a lot of light to the ground floor, and light is also an art, with soothing halos that are not harsh and ambiguous. With a mix of materials and colours, the design opens up a diverse spatial experience of life.
The encounter between people and space, the reflection on the demands of the moment, the construction of a spiritual world belonging to a young group, the realisation of life and ideals without borders. The designers have overturned the traditional design of residential space and integrated the studio and living space to create a free ideal state of life.

Xiong Liang

Designer Xiong Liang has been in the design industry for 16 years. In his opinion, design is more concerned with the interpretation of the inner spiritual level of the owner, from which rises to a sense of seniority, as well as philosophy and art and life thinking, to make works that resonate with the owner's heart.
2007 - 2020 Design Director, Chongqing Era Interior Design Co.
2020 - Present General Manager of Chongqing Qili Interior Design Co.

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