IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

YingZhou NO.3

by ZhiJian Design

Projet Description

The unique attraction of a city, different from other cities may not be the skyscrapers here, but the old buildings scattered among today's cities and becoming footnotes of The Times.
A foreign house, a glimpse of the centennial youth- -Yingzhou No.3, located in Nanjing Xuanwu Lake Yingzhou, surrounded by a green.The building is a typical small house in the Republic of China period, which is also the mark of the city of Nanjing.
The original trees and vegetation of the site have been carefully preserved by the designer, and added chicken feet, cherry blossoms, hydrangea, chrysanthemum, Miscanthus and other plants, there are considerable, smell and tasting, decorated on the green background color, elongating the taste period of the courtyard.
Dark parquet floor with dark red solid wood parapet, whispered about the long and quiet years of the main building, go up the main stairs to the main building restaurant; but all the scenery of the Sakura state.
Arrireach the main restaurant; a panoramic view of all the ju.
Green metope and large area clean white build a mysterious, quiet do not break the private space of quality again.
We did not do too much decoration to the main building restaurant, more hope to reflect the texture and color of the original building itself, retain the historical characteristics of its wooden girder, the wall we choose white paint and plaster lines and the original wooden girder to form a conflict and contrast; delicate and rough, modern and classical collision.

ZhiJian Design

ZhiJian Design was founded in 2020.It’s a young, energetic and thoughtful team. We firmly believe that good design is appropriate, natural and direct to the hearts of the people.

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