IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Yupu exquisite seafood restaurant

by Zhang Qi

Projet Description

Yupu exquisite seafood restaurant is a high-end boutique derived from yupu one shop. The design summarizes the requirements of the use scene of a store, and makes bolder attempts and more diverse expressions in the boutique. Full box layout, upgrade the space experience. Through the strong identification of blue, create a unified atmosphere context.
The use of grid structure, in the exquisite modern space into a section of fishing song prow of leisure. Like fishing nets cover water, like static lake sparkling, seemingly simple, in fact, rich levels, with light and shadow transformation, can freely change amorous mood. The unique artistic design attracts people to stop and watch or enter the store to explore.
The functional space is clearly divided. The first floor area is not large, so the front half area is planned as the entrance to guide the drainage, and the back half area is designed as the kitchen space. The main reception, selection and private rooms are placed on the second floor area. Klein blue is used as a visual and conceptual clue to create a unique spatial language with color.
Suddenly blue, let a person calm down immediately. In the quiet environment, even the light tells a rich sense of hierarchy. By controlling the spatial rhythm and visual tension through light, the experience of "I don't know whether people are chasing the light or the light is chasing the waves" is created. Every step of the steps is full of ritual feeling.
Looking down from the top of the staircase, the quiet blue and shining light, as the staircase winds, expands, extends and deepens, show the beautiful artistic conception of "star sea". Play with light and shadow, a dream-like visual feast is launched...
The presentation of artistic texture and amorous feelings comes from the perfect combination of various materials in the space. The natural and elegant marble, the rough steel plate, the warm and fresh wood veneer, the interesting and orderly Mosaic, in a limited area to create a magnificent and magnificent momentum. An engaging opening scene sets the stage for an aesthetic and gastronomic experience.
Different boxes, bearing different styles and flavors, also create different dining experience. The color is extracted and reconstructed to reduce the cold tonality, and the bright color is used as the embellishment color to balance the visual perception. Monet grey and Hermes Orange go both ways, infusing boundless romance into it.
Space and art are inseparable. Through the selection of materials and reasonable collocation, with a gentle attitude to adjust the overall space sense of balance, layering, breathing and artistic sense. Cany makes up chair reductive "fishing boat sings late, fisherman homecoming" lasting appeal, introduce the person pure natural artistic conception.

Zhang Qi

Huaian Guanhehui elite designer club co-sponsor
Jin Tang Award Executive Committee (Huai 'an) vice president
Vice president of Huaiyin District Chamber of Commerce of Architecture and Design Industry
CIID China Building Decoration Association indoor branch member
Director of Jiangsu Institute of Interior Design
2018 Huai 'an Annual Excellent Designer
2018 Annuity Butterfly Silver Award
2019 Golden Hall Award annual Outstanding Leisure Space Design
Outstanding Youth of China (Jiangsu) Design (2019-2020)
40 Under 40 China (Huai 'an) Design outstanding young judges
2019 Golden Living Award Top 10 Living Space Designers
2019 Cotton Cotton Award for The Most Minimalist Space Design of the Year
2019 finalist of GPAP AWARD design of French Double-faced God
2020 Huading Award Gold Medal for Catering Space category
2020 ID+G Gold Innovation Award Catering Space Bronze Award
2020 ID+G Golden Creative Award Ten Outstanding Young and middle-aged Designers of catering Space of the Year
Red Cotton China Design Award 2020 Interior Design Award
2020 China Top 100 Home Decoration Designers (2020-2021)
2020 China Top 100 Home Decoration Design Institutions (2020-2021)
2020 ICS International Color Space Design Award, best Color Space Design of the Year
International Innovative Design Award for Commercial Exhibition Space
2021 Baidu Xinju Award excellent Villa Design Award
Gold Medal in commercial Space category of 2021 Huading Awards

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