IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

SIU LEI YUE Restaurant

by Seee Design Studio

Projet Description

SIU LEI YUE Restaurant (Foshan Store) is positioning high-end Cantonese restaurant. Chinese " SIU LEI YUE " means little carp. The brand concept comes from Chinese traditional carp culture. As a rare and precious delicacy, carp symbolizes gourmet, mascot and good hope. Space design takes koi fish which is the classic image of carp as the divergence point of the design concept. Creating fish-shaped image space in line with current fashion aesthetics through materials, lights and colors. The graphic symbols related to koi fish can be seen everywhere through the transformation of design language, including specially customized three-dimensional fin tiles, fish scale tiles and fishbone glass.
The story of "Carp jumping the dragon gate" is well known in China, which expresses the good expectation of moving forward against the current and striving upward. Therefore, the elements of door shape and water flow line are also applied in the space, such as screen partition, curved modeling wall, linear light strip, through different elements collocation, creating a strong spatial narrative through the collocation of different elements.
The use of color comes from the rich colors of koi fish, and the design extracts red, white, green and gold. The continuation of traditional Chinese colors, but also through the color proportion of different colors, to bring dynamic and vitality to the space.
The space is added to understand the cultural core, the use of artistic design language, in the dining space to present the Chinese culture and modern exquisite life of the resonance of the atmosphere. Creating a koi fish image roaming through the whole space with diners to share food in the interesting, delicate, advanced space picture.

Seee Design Studio

SEEE DESIGN STUDIO(SDS)is an integrated design studio which is made up of young vigorous designers. The team is small and refined. The core designers with the overseas education backgroundand many years of rich work experience use cutting-edge design thinking, uniquedesign language and presentation to form an innovative design strategy.
SDS focus on Interior Design, BrandingDesign, Exhibition design and Art Installation Design as well as provide a fullrange of the professional interior design services include concept design, developmentdesign, detail design and on-site service.

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