IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Hai Seafood Buffet Restaurant

by Seee Design Studio

Projet Description

"Food to sea and sky, art quality experience."
Restaurant based on food, new taste, to adhere to the ingenuity, to create a new height of seafood self-help, huangpu as a link, open guangzhou food city coordinates. We select more than 200 kinds of best seafood, more than 1500 kinds of global food, artisan makes delicacies art, and entertain from taste to heart.
"Taste the freshness of the sea in an artistic gesture."
Four thousand level space for tasting, the whole hall is arranged in zigzagging pattern, surrounded by the empty atrium with a continuous design of self-service stalls, such as: live fierce seafood area, Japanese food area, cooked meat area, iron plate barbecue area, fruit dessert area, sashimi area, soup area, etc., you can eat the world's best seafood food. The space design conforms to the brand positioning, takes the "sea" as the breakthrough point, realizes a real sea feast, immerses in the sea blue art sensory experience, creates the quality dining experience.
"Like a real scene, like a fantasy, the sea wide by the fish jump."
Stepping into the dining room, you are greeted by a large curved screen that rolls forward like an ocean wave, projecting the blue world of the sea, and whales soaring through the air and moving freely. The use of scientific and technological means in the space brings three-dimensional and dynamic visual feelings to customers, echoing the theme characteristics of the restaurant and creating a full mark Marine atmosphere.
The ceiling is made of water-grain stainless steel as the bottom plate, extending from the entrance to the dining space. Against the background of the two blue light belts, the ceiling is layered on top of each other, just like the waves rolled up by the entrance, which are involved in the dining area layer by layer, rippling water.
The regional pattern of the hall is open, and the water-patterned stainless steel ceiling is shaded by blue light, which has a visual effect of seawater, raising the interface of the space. At the same time, groups of colored glaze fish, white, light blue, dark blue free combination to form a big fish device, added to the restaurant space experience of interest and artistic.
In the hall, the blue glass brick is the important element that the space reveals the theme. Lightsome and get rid of the short partition, in the lamplight under the water blue, so that the space is rich in administrative levels, as if in the sea, feel natural texture and fashion.
"Artisan style, the scene changes with the food"
"Choose the best ingredients and make the best dishes." Gathering more than 400 kinds of high-end ingredients in a "sea feast", each self-service booth design will be refined and decorated according to the food area. The flame installation in Teppanyaki district, the ice carving in deep-sea sashimi district, the folding fan cherry blossom in American sushi district, the steaming stove cane weaving in Hong Kong style tea district, and the coconut grove tree shadow in tropical fruit district all create a different food scene atmosphere, and you can enjoy your global journey.
In various blues Spaces, the walls are partially covered with rammed earth matte texture boards, like the orange "beach" of the sea receding, which lights up the space. Under the white "waves" and "beaches", sit and watch the clouds, which are poetic and picturesque.
Four thousand square ocean world, subvert the new height of luxury, comfort and taste are pushed to the peak, there are independent boxes, there are flexible partition even package, push the door is super VIP both visual sense.
Seafood buffet. I work in the fast pace of life, its connotation demand also slowly changed, customers expect to enjoy high-end ingredients not only, also for interpersonal communication, close friends or family meals pleasure, unique and fashionable dining environment, feel the artistic quality of space and people's sense of identity in it.
Space creates sea water, sky, waves, beach, fish... Don't have to travel far, here is the feast of the sea, is the paradise of food.

Seee Design Studio

SEEE DESIGN STUDIO(SDS)is an integrated design studio which is made up of young vigorous designers. The team is small and refined. The core designers with the overseas education backgroundand many years of rich work experience use cutting-edge design thinking, uniquedesign language and presentation to form an innovative design strategy.
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