IDPA Japan Design Award

Crab Miss hand grab seafood restaurant

by Lu Bowen

Projet Description

Miss Crab - a ten-year-old brand with the Chinese solar term food chain as the core, develops and operates 24 solar terms food chain products such as Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, Anji white tea, global seafood, etc., from the source of origin breeding to cold chain transportation, to the restaurant service leader in fresh products Sheep Enterprise.
At present, we are creating offline physical experience places, adding hand-caught seafood restaurants, allowing diners to enter the store to experience purchasing, and enrich the products. Adjacent to the Qujiang Pond Relics Park, the two-storey detached building with beautiful views is designed to suit the type of business. It uses the method of "trying to the early adopters" to create an original light bar environment experience, using seafood as a medium, and cocktail appointments to create a place where people can eat and gather. The complex hunting restaurant.
The rare dining location introduces the American style of free and wild hand-cooked seafood eating. Naturally, there is a warm and exciting cocktail here. It is unrestrained, relaxed and fresh, hand-held seafood, and a good meal. Facing the South Lake, today Hi late.
Parrot thread
Although it has a unique geographical advantage, it is a little inconspicuous hidden in the bushes of the park. The designer planned the north side facing the street as the main entrance, and the winding path leads to the secluded place with a small door and a wooden platform for scattered seating areas. The brand red and elegant exterior make it stand out.
Understand its business direction and products, design it to empower it, fit the theme, and select the unique shape of the seafood category "Nautilus" to achieve space architecture and layout. Its special structure and texture have also become the prototype of many elements in the space. Let's try it out on the connotation of writing space.
The concave arched door of the aluminum plate echoes the wooden sequence of the antique steel building, and the stainless steel water ripples light up the bubble neon lights. A novel scenery and unique style slowly emerge. This is the door to enter the bizarre world, full of curiosity. Come in quickly.
The Fibonacci curve evolved by the Nautilus is deconstructed after entering the room. The radial extension lines spread the three-meter-high ceiling infinitely. The enclosed linear lights echo the gradient electronic screen. The warm atmosphere of the bar.
The ring-shaped bar carries the functions of bartending and cashier, and the wine becomes the most dazzling protagonist under the reflection of water ripples, and each category is fully releasing its attraction. There are often resident singing performances on the left stage, injecting freshness into this cheerful night, and this cup of "freshness" is a tribute.
Arrange the card seat near the window, make the high backrest to enhance the sense of hierarchy of the space, not completely closed to make the line of sight transparent, two pairs of adjacent to form an interesting square box, with a smart and dynamic attitude, to eliminate the narrow space belt Come boring.
Fresh seabed
In addition to the word "fresh" in the ingredients, the space should also be fresh and interesting. The world under the sea should be transported into the space, which happens to have a "canyon" that can be accommodated.
The west side of the original structure is 7.3 meters high and empty, and it is preserved and maximized. The smart iron mesh woven whale swims in the dome. The visual effect created by light and shadow has its own magic, giving all kinds of materials a new life. This vast underwater realm has become the best fantasy place for the interaction between the first floor and the second floor.
The metal bricks are illuminated by the light like the scales of the octopus, the small crabs are holding the crab claws and probing their brains, the fun slogan is catchy to read, and the corporate red also runs through and continues. These lovely elements form a unique brand memory rooted in the heart.
From the spiral staircase of Nautilus, it is the side of the sky with excellent view, and the balcony built out gives a sense of ceremony to the sky field. The table and chairs can be disassembled and combined at will to meet the needs of various groups of people for dinner. There are not many friends, and they are all at this table.

Lu Bowen

Xi'an Y² space design limited company Partner Design Director

Recent Honors
2021 "Singapore I-DEA Interior Design Excellence Award";
2021 "American International Design Award";
2021 "Old House New Design (Xi'an) Top Ten Renovation Designer Award";
2021 "40 UNDER 40 China ( Shaanxi) Outstanding Youth in Design” (2021-2022);
Representative Works Chinese cross-talk - Qingqu Tea House
Xi'an Dangxia Performing Arts
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Personal Profile
I have been working as a design company for nearly 20 years since 2003, and it has been four years since the establishment of Youyu Space Design , the purpose of establishing a company is to create as many interesting designs as possible, and continue to explore the possibility of design, continue to learn, practice, and continue to do what you like. We are passionate and good at handling projects in the field of tooling, such as hotels, restaurants, offices, commercial and more. The design thinking of each project is based on a truly in-depth understanding of the native environment of each project, the background of the project and the real demands of the owner. From conceptual design to in-depth implementation, we will integrate the innovation of design, the pursuit of quality and culture with the situation of each project and recreate it. Thanks to the fact that we live in a country with huge development space and opportunities, there are a large number of design projects of different orientations that can be approached, so as to experience projects of different volumes, business environment, summarize design experience and work methods. We want to be a design company that can transcend professionalism, and learn knowledge in different fields from project planning, each format project, and business owners. The design process is like a learning process that coexists with them. Produce more beneficial and mutually beneficial results, nourish each other and grow.

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