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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Chinese cross-talk – Qingqu Tea House

by Kang Wei

Projet Description

Qushui official qing banquet, fragrant dust filled the street. "Shangsi Day gift" [Tang] Yin Yaofan
Every March, Chang'an City in Qujiang held a grand banquet for the new Jinshi, the banquet day, the new branch Jinshi dressed up to attend the banquet activities, in addition to tasting delicious food, but also visit the lakes and mountains, held a variety of recreational activities, of course, there is not poetry.This is the "Qujiang River flow drink", the Tang Dynasty scholars carnival.
Today's Xi' an is the capital of thirteen dynasties in ancient China and the prosperous capital of the Tang Dynasty. The Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square is the name card of Xi'an and the essence of Tang culture.
The space design of crosstalk jianghu-Qingqu teahouse takes "Qujiang flowing drink" to extract the elements of "water" and the Tang background culture, creating a sense of spatial atmosphere for the Tang literati and elegance to get together for modern guests.In the Tang Dynasty, the interpretation of the antique architectural complex, entertainment and the output of the dining culture showed the transformation of the city from multiple angles. By changing the planning and cultural connotation of the space, the space was given a place to show the collision of contemporary Xi'an and traditional culture.
Moistening the silver color of the ancient heritage, jumping in the composed gray tone, making the Oriental temperament full of vitality and modern sense dense open.With water as the support, the first floor hall stage as for the water, the guests are like the literati of the Tang Dynasty.The cultural symbols of the Tang Dynasty are extracted from the space, which follow the use streamline of tourists along the space volume, and unfold in turn, to welcome and guide tourists to restaurants for dining and leisure, trying to present a continuous space scroll with modern Xi'an atmosphere and Tang Dynasty culture through the translation of material space and plane symbols.
A flowing in the landscape painting, outline the Silk Road "long river falling yen" magnificent artistic conception; a stop on the furnishings, warm collision out of the eternal rhyme long elegant movement....... Chinese traditional color Yinzhu is the essence of Chinese culture. It creates "rise", "bearing", "turn" and "harmony" in space, conveys the vitality of culture with architecture and space, and creates a new experience with more comparative impact and implication.
"Light, all is beautiful", the real scene and light and shadow have a degree, presenting a very beautiful experience complementing each other.
Each city has its own temperament of historical precipitation.Design, understand the code into the cultural context of each city.Crosstalk jianghu-Qingqu teahouse project takes the background of traditional culture and regional style, inherits the ancient capital of Chang 'an, connects with contemporary art, and offers a place for body and mind by the bank of Qujiang Yanta, and provides a live and fragrant feast with Greater Xi' an.Crosstalk culture representing regional characteristics will be integrated into the space to bring deeper cultural resonance.
People all say that "the belly has poetry and books from China". Taking local culture as a dish is probably more touching than the simple desire to satisfy the stomach.In the crosstalk river's lake-Qingqu teahouse to feel the flavor of the four seas, from the tip of the tongue of the whole city of Chang' an infinite reverie, the joy in the city, is not it.
The Tang Dynasty is gone, the ancient city is still in, history, culture, food, performance... these time can not take away the Xi 'an temperament, in another form, in the cross talk river's lake-Qingqu teahouse by the public to savor......
Owner requirements: Crosstalk hu-Qingqu Teahouse is a complex integrating "food, tea, performing arts, cultural and creative products". Taste the thousand-year tea culture, taste Shaanxi characteristic food, see Shaanxi intangible cultural heritage performing arts, and then take away the exquisite cultural and creative companion gifts, here is a new landmark of cultural entertainment, leisure and punch card.

Kang Wei

Xi'an Y² space design limited company Founder / Creative Director
The company involves commercial center, hotels, home stay, catering, exhibition hall pavilion, real estate, cultural tourism and other public construction design projects

In 2021, "Chinese cross-talk - Qingqu Tea House" won the "Singapore I-DEA Interior Design Excellence Award";
In 2021, "Chinese cross-talk - Qingqu Tea House" won the "American International Design Award";
In 2021, "Chinese cross-talk - Qingqu Tea House" won the "40 UNDER 40" China (Shaanxi) Design Outstanding Youth (2021-2022)
In 2021, "New Life" Memory "in the New Identity of the Old Factory" won the "Old House New Design" (Xi'an) Top ten Transformation Designer Award;
In 2019, "Wangfu Boutique Hotel" won the "9th International Space Design Award-Art Award" Best Hotel Design;
In 2019, "Wangfu Boutique Hotel" won the "Top Ten Xi'an";
In 2018, he won the title of "40 UNDER 40" for the Outstanding Youth of Chinese Design (2018-2019);
In 2018, he became the special lecturer of "China Design Star Institute" (2018-2019);
In 2017, "Qinghe Boutique B & B Hotel" won the "Golden Bund" Best Excellent Hotel- -Excellence Award;
In 2016, "Qinghe Boutique homestay Hotel" won the "Art Award" for the best hotel design;
In 2015, "China Design Star" (2015-2016) National Finals won the honorary title of national Top 10 Young Designers;
In 2014, "Dingding Xiang Vanke Store" won the 2014 "idea-TOPS" Best Catering Design Competition shortlisted Award;
In 2014, "Sima Qian Tourist Service Center" won the 2014 "idea-TOPS" Best Cultural Space Design Year Competition;

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