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International Design Pioneer Award

YEZI|Home is the epitome of all the past丨Junjiao Ye丨Shanghai, China

by Junjiao Ye

Project Description

First Release | Ye Zi’s New Work: Home is the Epitome of Everything Past
●When I first saw this house, I fell in love with it immediately and decided to buy it. I always believe that the encounter between people and space seems to be accidental but fate. Walking into this space, I already have everything about home in my mind Imagine, I want to fill this house with everything from my past. In my imagination, my home should connect the past, present and future.
At the beginning of the design, I positioned some key words for the space atmosphere. My ideal home should have a sense of fashion and high-end that is in line with the international standards in Shanghai. Economy. Emotionally, it should be able to satisfy all the relaxation I need for life and work, and satisfy my long-term aesthetics. There is a beautiful porch, a multi-functional and warm living room that the whole family is willing to stay in, and there are also wabi-sabi, nature, and tranquility. Blessed with ancient oriental aesthetics. There is no style at all, because you want too much, you have to find a balance between contradictions and opposites. Abandoning style, the most important focus of design is the comprehensive consideration of space movement, functional layout, visual beauty, and artistic atmosphere. All of these ultimately want to give me and my family a comfortable, convenient, artistic, full of A home of temperature and texture. She is everything I love, a home with both modern and mid-century aesthetics, refined functionality and spiritual sustenance.
● The porch
The porch is the first impression of home for Chinese people. The oriental culture is deeply rooted in the bones of every Chinese. The nearly 4-meter-high porch makes home a sense of ritual. The 19th-century French antique carved chair that I saw as soon as I entered the door came to my house after more than a century across the ocean. Why can I vaguely see the beauty of oriental classical temperament from her? The love that travels through time and space and the interpretation of beauty make me have a soft spot for medieval furniture. Next to it is a 19th-century British antique table set, with gorgeous black gilding leather patterns on the surface, and the lamps are from mmlampadari, Italy. The surface has a carved glass ball, like a full moon hanging there, quietly welcoming the arrival of the owner. The work "Clouds and Waters Tour" by a domestic young artist who hangs paintings, a bamboo that has been selected for a long time pokes out from the space between virtual and real, like a red apricot coming out of the wall, symbolizing all new life and happiness. Beautiful things cannot be blocked or imprisoned.
● living room
The living room, the most important space in the house, perfectly expresses what I want, the fusion of Chinese and Western, fashion and retro, roundness, rigidity and softness, multi-function and comfort. Black is interspersed among them, and the green embellishment color sets off the beauty and nature of the space. The space uses the American Goodman five-constant air system to ensure the constant temperature, humidity, oxygen, quietness and cleanliness of the indoor air. The invisible extremely narrow air vents make the entire top space clean and minimal, and the main light is designed with a soft light film, so that you can feel the beauty under the soft natural light at night like in the daytime. I imagine that I am working in the living room, my husband is here to make tea and read a book, the child is playing with toys or reading on the carpet with the bear, the elderly can also use the mobile phone on the Chinese armchair, and there are places where friends can sit and play when they come to play. In the space for chatting, laughter overflowed the screen.
Every utensil in the living room is carefully selected after spending a lot of time. I don't like the conventional way of displaying the living room. Everything is new and different. The special-shaped sofa comes from the original domestic brand Recasa. It is placed in the middle of the living room. There are two kinds of sitting depths that can be used for leaning against, cross-legged, or lying on Ge You. The single sofa comes from Italy's Mogg, an emerging designer brand. The desk comes from &tradition in Denmark, and the book chair comes from Verpan in Denmark. I can accompany me while I am busy in the living room. The little bear lying on the ground comes from Vitra in Switzerland, which can offer love and security to children's childhood. The red wall lamp on the wall is the finishing touch, from FOSCARINI in Italy, all of which represent a fashionable and modern and comfortable lifestyle. The tea table is two middle-aged French ceramic tables from the 1960s, paired with a British antique coffee table from the 1900s. It took a year to find these three tables, because unique things need to match the appearance and size, but I can imagine how difficult it is, and I found that this kind of medieval ceramic table is very suitable for the living habits of Chinese people - easy to take care of. To fall in love with medieval furniture is to accept its imperfections and blemishes, and to accept the marks left on her by time. In this space with a round sky, all objects connect the past, present and future, containing endless and unpredictable emotions. The waltz of fireworks in the fireplace danced in a circle, but there was a bit of freehand space on the floor, which was the imagination of the future, it was thoughts, dopamine, or a glass of mojito. There are also several expressions on the background wall of the living room. The black part on the left and the upper and lower blank parts reserve space for my artwork storage. The middle row of slender open grids and the expression with cabinet doors are called bookcases. The bottom row is nearly 5 Mi's drawer is the sundry storage drawer in the living room, which puts away the trivial thoughts in life.
● Stairway
In the treatment of the overall space and the stair passage, I try to expose the original beam and column structure, maintain the original height of the building, and leave the storey height for the most important sense of space. It is made by hand a little bit, but the effect of the finished product is unexpected. The whole house has no baseboard craftsmanship, the white micro-cement steps and the handrails of art paint are usually not used by Party A, because they are really not very good. It's easy to take care of, but it's really beautiful. It's a kind of compromise for my pursuit of beauty.
● Restaurant
The eating habits of the Chinese tend to sit together with a round table, and I really want a western-style island. I like that kind of super-large kitchen restaurant, where everyone can chat, drink, make and enjoy food, and even watch movies and watch movies. News, discuss current events. A restaurant is not just a restaurant, it is a leisure break in a busy life; it is love and sharing between family members; it is also a simple and advanced art of life. Therefore, when designing, we combined the habits of our family and our own preferences, and made a combination of an island platform and a round table, which can be stacked together to form a perfect artwork, and can also be separated for more people at parties. Using, the ocean storm marble dining table and island table add a sense of luxury to the restaurant. The island table also has the function of a bar counter. Bar chairs can be placed on both sides, and the middle of the island table can also be stored. The restaurant is equipped with a direct drinking water device and a sink, and has the functions of a restaurant, a western kitchen and a water bar. The most special thing about the restaurant is the medieval chairs (middle of the last century) and antique chairs (chairs over 100 years old) that I have collected in recent years. I like to collect all kinds of chairs. There are 19th century British antique Alsace Chairs, Windsor chairs, there are Chiavari knight wooden chairs in Italy in the 1970s, black high-back leather medieval chairs designed by Pietro Costantini in the 1970s, brutalist style sculpture chairs designed and manufactured by Belgian designer De Puydt in 1970, and beautiful lines in the 1950s. Italian Chiavari dining chair, I chose a wine red velvet seat, a very feminine chair, and an Italian Arrben metal leather green armchair in the 1980s. These chairs belong to different ages and different design schools. When they are put together, they have a dramatic sense of art, especially when paired with modern marble dining tables and island tables, coupled with the futuristic technology designed by domestic designer Liu Xiao. The sense of daylight wheel restaurant lamp connects time in series, carrying the past, present and future in this small space.
The master bedroom and study are on the third floor. The entire third floor is a large suite, giving people a sense of tranquility and nature. The emotional atmosphere of the space is slightly wabi-sabi. There is a large sliding door up the stairs, which can completely close the third floor , living for three generations, the upper two floors do not interfere with each other, and ensuring each other's private space is also a key issue considered at the beginning of the design. The third floor is also a space I like very much. The master bedroom uses the original ecological solid wood headboard and suspended bed frame, which is very special and carries the natural flavor. Over the years, because of my occupation, I have seen too many bed styles, and I am not very interested in those things that I am accustomed to. Finally, I chose a unique large board to make the head of the bed, which is easy to take care of and comfortable. To save more space for the aisle, and to design the bathtub in the master bedroom, it was not intentional, but when I stood in that position, this scene appeared in front of my eyes, which is the best position for it, unintentionally With the sense of sight of a homestay. My friend said that I feel like I can be on vacation every day. I think this is the best destination for those of us who are so busy in Shanghai that we have no time to stop?
In order not to affect the lighting of the attic, the top structure of the study completely restores the original architectural structure. Two Sonnet chairs made in Finland from 1864 to 1890 can be said to be the originator of medieval furniture. The seat surface is a bit dilapidated, so I found a furniture factory in Shanghai and replaced it with kvadrat waterproof fabric, showing the beauty of the collision of old and new.
Facing south on the second floor is the space for the elderly and children. The son’s room gave him enough space for activities and learning. He gave him a 90-year-old Inno office chair made in Finland. The details of this chair are perfect and comfortable. Accuracy and fun coexist, marveling at the craftsmanship level of the Nordic craftsmen of that era. The person who is most suitable to use this chair in this home is the little owner of this room. The bedside table is Maisondada, a cutting-edge designer brand, founded in Shanghai by French designer Thomas Dariel, whose grotesque and unique French aesthetic is his symbol.
Guest room
I always feel that I should have a daughter, so the guest room facing north is built according to the standard of a daughter's room. I hope that I can add a little princess to the house soon.
The basement is a multi-functional area for yoga, fitness, and watching movies. It is also a place we are very willing to stay in. This space is only 2 meters high, but it can give people a sense of tranquility and distance.
The three years of the epidemic have made the home a more important carrier of life for people. I hope this new home can find the most comfortable living state and rhythm for myself. Every corner of the new home is unique. My friend said that seeing this home is not like a new one, but like an old friend who has been with you for many years. Every corner and every detail is your shadow. I think this Is the highest evaluation of this home. In my family, she should have my shadow and my appearance.
Project Address|Shanghai Private Residence
Project area|300 square meters
Project Design|Ye Junjiao
Design time|May 2021
Completion time|October 2022
Project materials|Micro-cement, art paint, walnut, washed stone, slate
Air System|Goodman
Soft Decoration|YEZ ZONE
Some brands|Recasa, Mogg, &Tradition, Verpan, Vitra, Foscarini, Maisondada
Architectural Photography|Enwan Architectural Photography
Fifteen years of experience in the industry, he is very good at the design and collocation of household products. He likes to design all living spaces based on the owner's past life experience and functional needs, so as to create a perfect spiritual home. I like to use colors, bright, fashionable, without lack of tranquility and nature, multi-level mix and match is the core of every design plan of mine, through the exploration of materiality, color, form, contemporary and retro, rigid and soft, square and round, The balance of yin and yang is used to design the emotional atmosphere that suits each space user.

Junjiao Ye

Temperament is hidden in her words, her body, her face, her design works, her attitude, her voice, and her sparkling eyes...
She has the unique gentleness and tranquility of Jiangnan women, but her name reveals a drive and tenacity. She is the designer-Ye Junjiao, and her friends call her "Ye Zi". Ye Junjiao looks kind and lovely, with a bright smile always embedded on his face, and his eyes are clear and divine. When it comes to interior design, Ye Junjiao's eyes are shining brightly. Some people have their own vocation and mission, and design is her love and attitude.
Talking about the influence of design on her, she said that becoming an interior designer, this role change has brought about a lot of changes in her personality. From shy to talkative, from introverted to optimistic and cheerful... In the past, the design only needed to do a good job in the design itself, but later it was more about communicating with customers and discovering the deep-seated needs of customers. In fact, most of the time, customers are ambiguous about their own preferences and have limited knowledge of decoration styles, so it is very important to discover their true preferences through communication, which is also an important reason why her design can be recognized.
Any growth does not happen overnight. Ye Junjiao used "discover beauty, create beauty, and appreciate beauty" to annotate her works. Only those who understand the aesthetics of life can carve out satisfactory works by searching up and down with artistic brushstrokes. Presenting the sense of art in the space, showing the temperament and charm of the space, for Ye Junjiao, art has an indispensable unique charm in the space. However, shaping the artistry of space is by no means a simple artwork decoration. It needs to be ingeniously figured out from the spatial structure and spatial level to create intriguing connotations for people.

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