IDPA Japan Design Award

Tianbao nine such as product building 145 square meters model room

by Tianjin Tianxi Engineering Design Co., LTD

Project Description

Culture and heritage is the eternal pursuit of Chinese culture, design is no exception, the integration of culture and design, is the core of the case. This case breaks the traditional conception, redefines the space with the contemporary design vision, endows the space with a bookish and stable sense, and creates a dwelling place deep in the soul for residents. The whole house adopts neutral black, white and gray as the keynote, supplemented by landscape elements and Chinese pattern, elegant and thoughtful. Furniture selection introduces the characteristics of traditional Chinese furniture, interprets the image of "mountain scenery" and "ink painting", pays attention to the function and speaks the ancient meaning. A quiet and elegant new Chinese style space is modern poetry and distance.

Tianjin Tianxi Engineering Design Co., LTD

Tianjin Tianxi Engineering Design Co., Ltd. is a design agency focusing on soft decoration design, development and customization of real estate commercial and residential projects, which is formed by a passionate professional team. Relying on senior high-end design standards and rich project management experience, the company takes "professional, dedicated and high standard" as the mission, and constantly provides high-quality design services for Vanke, Tianbao, China Construction, Elegant, Hong Kong Xinhua Group, China Communications, Haijing and many other first-line real estate enterprises. With excellent works, the company has won a good reputation among the majority of customers. We continue to innovate the design concept, quality soft installation timing company will never change the pursuit.

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