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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The Art of Simplicity


Project Description

A beautiful living space for the owner d is created through the designer's ingenuity. This interior design project for a residence in a great location next to the river bank brings beautiful scenery, good lighting, and ventilation. The overall design starts from the guest room, considering the owner's hospitable character. The living room, dining room, and study are integrated to accommodate more visitors in an open and spacious layout. In addition, the design also makes clever use of clean lines and textured furniture to create a warm, soft, and modern Japanese style to meet the owner's expectations.
As soon as entering the shared living space, one will realize that the space is composed of raw wood and stone, showing a natural, delicate, and elegant aesthetic. In addition, black and gray tones are used with wooden tones to create a calm and large atmosphere. In addition, large floor-to-ceiling windows are planned on one side of the space, allowing the bright sunlight and cool breeze to invoke the room so that the interior space is connected with the outdoor nature and the residents can feel the beauty of nature. In addition, considering the owner's large amount of storage needs, the whole surface of the storage cabinets from the corridor wall to the TV wall was purposely made. At the same time, all the doors are made of wooden panels, which makes the overall visual appearance cleaner and clearer. The open multi-functional study behind the sofa is designed with a movable desk that can be stored away, allowing the residents to adjust the position of the desk according to different living situations and increasing the flexibility of using the space. In addition, the desk can also be used as a dining table, giving the residents more space to entertain guests and significantly increasing the use of the space. The space leading to the dining and kitchen area is dominated by a clean black tone, and the stone flooring is used to delineate the area subtly. To increase the use of the limited space, the bar is combined with the dining table so that one table can satisfy multiple purposes such as dining, preparation, drinking, office, leisure, and entertainment. Moving slowly to the bedroom, while continuing the wood tone, the gray-blue tone is added to outline the personal color of the owner. In addition, the low color configuration creates a quiet and comfortable resting atmosphere, providing the residents with a stable sleep quality.
For this project, the designer adopts the design approach of "less is more", emphasizing simplicity, practicality, and rich functionality, avoiding excessive and complicated decorative elements. At the same time, the design aesthetics of white space is combined to create a quiet and calm space aesthetic. In addition, with the change of the times, the family form is gradually changing from a small family to a living space for the pursuit of self, and the living space is also shrinking. To respond to the change of space structure, the designers cleverly conceptualize and break the limitation of the layout to play with infinite possibilities in the limited space. The design of the bar combined with the dining table and the center island, as well as the selection of a mobile storage table that can be used as a desk and dining table, provide the residents with the ability to change the use function according to their needs. In this way, the ideal house is constructed in the owner's mind.
With the rising awareness of environmental protection, this project uses non-toxic water-based paints throughout the room, unlike traditional oil-based paints, which not only can use water as a diluent but also do not contain harmful substances, significantly reducing air pollution in the indoor environment and fulfilling the four major environmental protection spirits, including healthy living, ecological health, human-centered health, and global sustainability. In addition, we use high-quality, environmentally friendly tiles to display the flooring, which is made of natural materials and does not contain harmful substances, and can be recycled to reduce resource waste. In addition, we also use renewable wood flooring, which has a long service life of more than 20 years and can be recycled at the end of its useful life, significantly reducing the impact on the environment.


CHINYU DESIGN CO., LTD values attitude and taste of life, creating spaces that have both beauty and functionality in a calm and introverted contemporary aesthetic fashion. With imagination, the enthusiasm for creation, the demand for quality and the uncompromising attitude, CHINYU DESIGN CO., LTD brings life into the space.
To CHINYU DESIGN CO., LTD, interior design is a field of culture, life and emotional communication. To provide perfect space planning and design for each case, CHINYU DESIGN CO., LTD focuses on unique tastes and preferences of the users. Through the usage of colors, materials and textures, CHINYU DESIGN CO., LTD shapes the best out of the project for every client.

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