IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

The Family Joy

by Limo Design CO., LtD

Project Description

As time goes by, the process of growing up has transformed into colors and rendered into the memory of our lives. For this residential interior design project, the design team has utilized color to create a personalized space for each family member to demonstrate their unique style. The open layout of the shared living area provides a wide space for the family to move around freely, thus increasing the frequency of interaction, enhancing mutual affection, and enjoying the joy of family life.
A partition is set up to delineate the area when entering the foyer. The glass and wood grain are interlaced to provide semi-translucent light and to add a sense of lightness. When walking toward the open shared living area, the natural light that pours into the room from the floor-to-ceiling windows is reflected in the eyes. The white gauze curtain adjusts the light to create a soothing atmosphere in the space. The wooden tone is white, so a comfortable living environment is beautifully delivered.
The white color is the primary spatial focus leading to the kitchen, creating a clean and clear spatial expression. A semi-open cooking area allows users to wash fruits and vegetables, prepare meals, and interact with family members in the public area without hindrance. On the other hand, the double-sided kitchen cabinets allow for easy access to cups and plates from inside and outside the kitchen. The kitchen and dining room are integrated to create a spacious dining space.
Moving slowly to the private living area, one will notice that the design team cleverly uses the concealed door design to hide the entrance and exit of the bedroom in the space. Entering the master bedroom, the wooden tone of the public area is continued, creating a quiet and calm resting atmosphere so that the residents can have a stable quality of sleep. One of the sisters' bedrooms uses lake green as the main axis of the space, exuding a fresh and relaxing atmosphere. At the same time, the other is decorated with the color purple of the twilight mountains, creating a light and elegant beauty like a sunset. The colorful and soft color scheme creates a warm and welcoming household atmosphere.
There is no going back for our life journeys; home is where we grow, thrive, and get nurtured. For this project, Through the designers' careful planning, a spacious activity area is planned in the living and dining room and the hallway, like the image of growing up without restraint. At the same time, the whole family can play, rest, read, eat, and dance together in the space and spend a beautiful daily life together.
The main space of this project is designed with large open windows to let much natural light into the room so that the space is bathed in sunlight. In this way, it is not necessary to turn on the lights during the daytime, and it can also satisfy the users' demand for light, thus reducing the use of lamps, prolonging their life span, and reducing electricity consumption, thus achieving the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction.

Limo Design CO., LtD

The birth of "Limo Design" originated in Limoges, France. Design director, Yvane once went to the art school in Limoges, France to study design. Years of professional training and European life have nurtured a wealth of humanities, spatial beauty and life experience, in order to bring back the beauty and lifestyle of France. Limo Design was established in 2006. Through "Space Design", the emotional experience and artistic realization of life and space are concretely presented.

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